Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My second dress fitting is today.  E, my "groomsmaid", is driving down to join me, and we are heading in to the city to see how the alterations went.  If all goes well, I should come home with my wedding dress.  How exciting... although it will be interesting trying to work out what to do with it on the train ! 

My parents arrive in six days... assuming that they make the flights (they're on standby).  I am very excited... but I also feel unprepared.  The house isn't cleaned, my stuff isn't organised, and having three more days' of work during that six makes me feel like I'm running out of time. 

Everything is coming together now, though.  The suits will be altered to fit the guys perfectly, and Kurt's wedding ring arrived yesterday from being resized.  So now both with sufficient clothes (and most of the accessories) to wear on the day, at least we'll be able to turn up!

On a different subject, I don't know how my sister manages to get her tomato plants to grow upright.  Mine do anything they can to flop onto the ground, whether tied up to stakes or not...  they are however fruiting gloriously, so that is good.