Wednesday, September 30, 2015


September, where did you go?

30 days, and over so soon.  So many things happened, and I barely seem to have had time to breathe.  Most importantly, of course, there was my birthday, the 18th.  Since then I haven't stopped, even today when I planned to be home, I got called off reserve.  Okay, I still know I shouldn't make plans on reserve!  I didn't make actual plans, just 'do nothing' plans.

Yesterday I got back from Canberra after three days there - and my last two birthday presents arrived from Ireland!  One parcel from my mother, and another from my sister.   Both awesome.  So, whoever claims that birthdays only happen once a year is wrong.

I also got a chance to build the final part of Kurt's present:

I also got a model of Wall-E but I'm not sure where he is.  Probably somewhere very very safe.

Smalley (otherwise known as Lily) was enthusiastically welcoming to me yesterday - making me feel very loved!  She is quite a stalker and follows at my heels every time I move in the apartment - often so close I can feel her little cold nose on my calves.

She's booked in to get a haircut tomorrow - maybe we'll be able to even those legs out a little.

In other news, we are building a house!  Yes, this is news, this is very new news, in August, we were not building a house.  We were not planning on building a house, and now we are, so call us crazy but there you have it.

Having become more and more unhappy with the new onsite managers at our apartment complex, we decided that yes we probably could afford the bare bones of a deposit, and to look more seriously at places to live.  In fact, Kurt announced wanting to have another look at display homes (We also did this six months ago and decided it could never happen ever.  Okay, I exaggerate, maybe one to two years down the track.) just before my birthday, so on the morning of the 18th, after opening my presents, we went down the coast to start looking.

By the end of the weekend we had a block of land.

And by the end of the last weekend we had the house sorted out.  I definitely think we are crazy now.  How did that happen?

The land is still a construction zone, and is due to be registered with the council in November.  I got a good view of it today as we were on final for Runway 14:

Our part isn't built on yet, and it doesn't have roads on either, so it's part of the dirt-coloured bit.  They have to have all the roads completed before registration - so hopefully we will see it change quite a bit over the next few weeks.  It's only a very little block of land - as is usual for all of these new "people factory" developments, but we have one of the larger ones in the estate and will at least have about 6m by 15m of garden.

All going accordingly to plan, we hope to start building after Christmas!  And perhaps we will get to move in mid to late 2016...  *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Guest Post

Mummy and Daddy don't love me any more.  I'm pretty sure of this because I haven't seen Mummy in 2 days and Daddy just locked me up without my bed again.  This upsets me because I can see my bed on the other side of the room and he only left me 2 towels and 4 of my toys which isn't OK because I wanted one of the ones he didn't give me.

I'm needy like that.

Also, my favourite toy is an awesome white nylon bone with a tasty jerky filling which if I chew and chew and chew I might manage to get to some time next millenium.  This is another reason I'm sure my parents hate me because they keep taking the bone away from me after I rattle it on the tiles too much.

And then Daddy looks at me like this:

He's a lot taller than me.

I lost my new treat ball under the TV stand yesterday and Mummy didn't get it out before she left to go to work and that was cruel too.  

I like licking toes to say hello, and when Mummy or Daddy let me out of my crate I lie on their feet to say hello.  If they ignore me, I wriggle under their feet so that they HAVE to pat me.

And then Mummy looks at me with a 'OMG how are you so sneaky' face and I just smile back.

Here's another thing.  Mummy gives me a bath ever so often.  I don't really like getting wet but she keeps doing it.  And sometimes she submerges herself in water too!  I'm not sure this is a good idea so I whimper at her a little to make sure she knows that I care, and I make sure I check on her every few minutes.

I'm still not allowed in the bedrooms, but I'm working on it.  I figure if I look pitiful enough maybe one day they'll give in.

It hasn't worked yet.  Mummy just takes photos of me and laughs, and that's not what I meant to happen!

My fur is growing back on my leg where they shaved it , although I still look a little silly.  Mummy says she's going to book me in to get groomed again but she's been very busy.

Apparently Mummy and Daddy are going to build a house next year and I will have a garden to play in!  I am very excited about that, as when I'm outside I go completely crazy and run around like a mad thing.  I am much faster than even Daddy when he sprints, and I love going for runs with Mummy.  She hasn't taken me for awhile because she has shin splints, but she still takes me to the park.

One day I fell in the creek and I got really really wet !  

Mummy says I looked more like a drowned rat than a dog.

Anyway I have to go now, it was nice talking to you all!

Lots of love


(the white bone)