Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I was sitting in bed last night thinking how nice it would be to have a bar of chocolate.  The dreams have stopped however: the first week I kept dreaming that I ate sugar, or popcorn, or something that made me have to start all over again.

Now I'm just dreaming about aviation and buying goats in Ireland.  I'm not sure why.  Is it a sign ?

It's now day 10 though and I have been cheat free.  I'm not 100% sure whether the steak the other day had any additives, but if that's my only doubt, I think I'm doing well.  This being a five day trip, I've done well to pack almost all of my meals, and last night I managed to get an apartment style room in Canberra.  

This meant that I had fresh salmon with my boxed homemade coleslaw last night, and this morning L will come over to my room for a breakfast of the inevitable eggs and spinach.  We are together for the full five days which is nice.

However there is a cyclone, or something similar, heading towards us as we speak so I am feeling less than favourable about tonight's flights.  I guess we can't always have it easy.  And apparently it is 2.4 degrees right now.  Ouch.

I'm managing to pick up a lot of overtime with the the current crewing shortages, which is great for the house build but not so good for Lily... So I'm thinking I need to spend some more time with her over the next few weeks.  Five day trips are all very good... But not as a habit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 day trip

Day one of a five day trip...

Two hours sitting on the ground in Gladstone.  I got artistic on the whiteboard.


I had to do something.

Also the sunset was pretty awesome over Redcliffe.


I'm now sitting in the bar waiting for my meatballs and cabbage to be heated up (they have a microwave).

Sunday, September 25, 2016

House again

Very little to say about the house except that there is clear daily progress.


See? It's got joiny stuff between the plasterboard now.  

Last night after church, I popped over there with a couple of my church friends.  K seems pretty positive that she wants to live with me now so that's very exciting - just one housemate left to find!  Hopefully we can find somebody who works well with the two of us.

Exciting ! 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 7

It's day seven and therefore time for an update.  Lily woke me at 0330 to go to the bathroom, then refused to actually go, and five minutes after coming back to bed, threw herself at me (she had been relegated to her own bed for cleanliness reasons) and started helping and crying and shaking for all she was worth.  This continued in cycles for about five minutes: me stroking her, trying to feel her body for "hurts" and the yelping/crying/shaking combined with diving head first into my lap for comfort.  Eventually this slowed down and she was content to lie with her head on my arm, still shaking fitfully.  I tried to get some more sleep but every time I opened my eyes I saw her lying there, eyes wide.  She did at last relax, and we slept until seven - late for me.  

This is the identical thing that happened a week ago where I took her to the vet (post episode) and they declared a possible ant bite.  Considering she came back inside and curled up for five minutes this time... And then imploded... I'm not so sure.  It's a Sunday so I might need to wait til tomorrow to give them an update.

And now I need to change my sheets.  Not exactly my first priority at 0330 when she was spazzing out!

Anyway, it is now day 7 of Whole 30 and it is going well.  I'm getting used to (but not really enjoying) black coffee, and last night at the cinema I drank water and ate some cashews and raisins.  Javi made fun of me the entire evening, trying to make me eat pizza and have a drink, going on about how life wouldn't be worth living without sugar and alcohol etc, but Michelle took my side.  And of course, I stood to my guns.  If I can make this 30 days, it will be the first food challenge I've actually completed: I am determined.

I'm making breakfast now (zucchini, spinach and some form of eggs) and am then going to the block to meet the final concreter.  That's about it in news! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More stuff

It's been a busy couple of days, and therefore I haven't blogged.  However, Lily decided to wake me up at 0500, so we went for a quick run (only 2k because I'm lazy) and are now waiting for it to be a reasonable time before starting on breakfast.

At lunch, I'm going to Ceri's house, and taking with me a roast chicken.  We were going to have lunch out, but this Whole 30 thing meant I couldn't find anything on the menus to eat !  Last night, at Connect group, I took a bowl of fruit salad with me and so that made not having the cakes and chocolate easier.  Thank God it's only 30 days (day 4 today).

Cravings have been very light so far: mainly because I haven't had any time at home sitting around : the last five days I spent down route in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, with a cheeky Portmacquarie thrown on the end.  The weather has been miserable, with severe icing and turbulence forecasts wherever we flew, low cloud, drizzle and icing speeds making me feel like I was home in Ireland - no diversions, thankfully.  We almost hit 3 cockatoos on take off out of Canberra one morning, which wasn't very Irish: I almost rejected the take off but then they decided to move a little so we continued.  

Sydney, and a little glare from the window

The problem with not comfort eating is that it makes me think more about my emotions instead of just drowning them in chocolate, so that hasn't been easy.  I mean, not craving but feeling a little emotional?  Maybe people should avoid me until this is over ! 

We are horrendously short crewed at the moment, which, without going in to too much detail, has meant a ridiculous amount of disruption, so I'm working day to day expecting things to change.  Thankfully on Tuesday when I was called out to go back to Canberra they gave me three hours' notice to get some food together: and B came by on his way home from work to pick up Lily to take her to her second home in Ferny Grove.

On the house front, Mr Will the Builder Man called again to say he was concerned about the neighbour's house looking identical to mine with bricks and facade: and therefore could he edit the porch a little.  He seems to be very proactive at getting things done and done right : the last request was could he change the style of grouting as my choice wouldn't look as good as his.  I have got one quote for a landscaper and two for the driveway, and am meeting the second landscaper this afternoon.  Busy, busy.

It still looks the same to me

That's about it for the last few days... I'm Northbound tomorrow for another overnight, disruption permitting, so poor Lily only gets one day at home. 

Edit: as I forgot to publish this, here is an updated inside the house picture:


It actually looks almost livable!

Also, the chicken I baked for Ceri and family was amazing.  Pretty happy with that, and Floss put on a really epic salad: I never knew you could use epic as an adjective for salad, but it truly was.

When we got home, Lily had a haircut, (long overdue) and then I went across to a couple's house to see if I wanted their furniture. They are leaving AUS for Ireland, of all places.  I managed to snap up a lovely bed set for the spare room (mum and dad you're all sorted) and potentially dining table , coffee table , etc , but I need to get back to them on that.

And now I have another House Invoice to pay...

Monday, September 19, 2016

The whole 30

Well as far as the Whole 30 goes, day one was an unmitigated disaster.  Having told myself I didn't need to celebrate my birthday yet again due to celebrating a couple of times in the week leading up, I packed my bags full of healthy food and set forth to Melbourne.  

This all went swimmingly until we landed in Canberra, where we were joined by new cabin crew, who had noticed it was my birthday on Facebook, and therefore came loaded with birthday gifts: lattes for each of us flight crew and a caramel tart for me.  So very kind of them, although I was groaning inside. JM, the FO, agreed that if I had been half way through the detox, I could've just thanked them, taken it up to the flight deck, and donated it all to her, but as it was day one, I decided (I know, another excuse) just to push it back one day and enjoy the treat.

Yesterday, on the other hand, went very well.  I did a big shop at the fruit & veg place, the fridge is now chokka, and I finished off the day with a cup of tea and handful of Medjool dates.  Conceivably as good as candy.

I also met with a landscaper yesterday who is going to organise a quote for the new house.  He suggested that I ask the builder if I can keep the leftover bricks: and he will use them to border the gardens.  Great idea!  If only there were enough to build a raised bed also!

The brick laying is all finished (and they remembered the wiring in the pillars) so I presume the render could be next.  Not being a builder though, I could be surprised.

Today I am going to lunch with Ceri.  We were going to eat out, but I can't find any food compatible with the whole 30, so I'm going to roast a chicken, make some salad and mayo, and take it over to his house.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Melbourne, birthdays and Whole 30's

Tomorrow is my birthday, and also day 1 of the Whole 30.  I don't know if I can do it, or indeed whether I really want to do it, but I do know I need to stop making excuses and do something!  Maybe I should start with positivity and say "yes, I can" instead of doubting myself but hey, I know myself better than anyone else, right ?

It is easy to use stress and emotions as an excuse for eating, and I'm good at doing that.  What I'm not good at is having control over it all, so we shall see!  My suitcase is packed full of healthy food and off we go.  

I went for a massage (my birthday present to myself) yesterday and now feel horribly sore, (I thought it was supposed to make me feel better?) so my birthday morning plans of going for a Melbourne run might not happen.  But then again, they might.

Yes, I'm in Melbourne, for the first time ever.  I'd like to explore the place a little but I just got to my room and it's 2200, and I check out at 1030 in the morning.  Limited options, considering the hotel is literally at the airport.  You walk out of the domestic terminal, cross a road, and there you are.  The hotel staff aren't the friendliest.  I asked Receptionist #1 if there was complimentary water.  She said no, but if I signed up for some program, I would get two bottles free.  Receptionist #2 butted in rudely with "crew aren't eligible for that program."  So then having taken my bags up to my room I remembered that I had forgotten my charger, and went back down to see if they could procure one.

Receptionist #2 had a very brief look and said no.  Receptionist #1 said she thought there was one, and Receptionist #2 disagreed.  This took awhile.  Eventually Receptionist #1 took matters into her own hands and looked for the charger (it was there).  Receptionist #2 said she was putting a $50 charge on my room that would be deleted if I returned the charger.  "Really?" Said I, incredulous.  "Well apparently it's thought of as stealing," said Receptionist #1 sarcastically.


Tomorrow I'm off to Canberra, which I've been to before, although getting there is another thing altogether.  North-East-ish?  Oh and to start off with, I have no idea where the crew room is... Aaaaaany-who...

If I don't post again it's because I failed to make it to Canberra.  Ha ha ha. 

Friday, September 16, 2016


I had a conversation yesterday with a friend about her vegetarianism.  

"I don't eat meat," she stated.

Probing further, I asked her whether she ate marshmallows, jelly and gummy sweets.  Yes, she did.  So I asked her why she was a vegetarian.

"Because I don't think animals should be killed."

You do know they kill animals to make gelatin?  Of which the above candies are made? Yes?  But that's different?

"I don't eat meat," she said obstinately.

Do you eat chips with chicken salt?  Yes? You know they kill chickens to make chicken salt?  That's different too?

Look... I have no issue whatsoever with vegetarianism.  I have no issue with people deciding they don't eat meat.  But come on now, whatever your reason, be consistent !

It's like my other friend who, while stuffing her mouth full of bacon, would screech "don't talk about killing animals! It's horrible! The poor animals!"  (She has now decided to become a vegetarian and therefore has been scratched out of the "hypocrite" column 😝

In other news, the house now has bricks, and doors, and windows.  I met with a concreter yesterday to get a quote, and have two others lined up over the next two weeks.  



Last night I went out to dinner with some of the girls from church (including a vegetarian, hence the conversation) which was fun, and then we came back to the house to eat birthday cake.  I like cake.  It's not my birthday until tomorrow, but I am away in Canberra / Melbourne for that !

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The week just keeps on going!  After an early morning at J's due to not the comfiest bed in the world, I went back to fight with my Mac and PC, namely trying to make them communicate (a work in progress).  R then came over to get lunch and talk about the sim.  He brought his motorbike and spare helmet so we rode to lunch in Nundah (Fuel & Co, which is amazing) and then we took the long way back and sped up the highway to experience the bike a little more.  I couldn't help thinking about how much it would hurt if I fell off, but tried to convince myself to simply not fall off... Other than that it was very enjoyable !  

Now as it is already 1600, I'm trying to work out where the day went - and the computers are still causing me issue.  I think it's time for a little Netflix...

Byron Bay with puppies

Yesterday was Byron, and I didn't really get pictures because phone and sand and puppy dogs don't really mix very well.  

On the way

Tachi and Lily had the best time ever - Lily kept burying her head in the sand and ended up with eyes full of it... That took a lot of cleaning when we got home.  They both ran around like crazy all day, and by about 1700 they were clearly exhausted, having swam twice, walked a long way down the beach, played frisbee and gone for another walk along the Pass.

We found some Portuguese man-o-war jellies on the beach that were still moving - and required diligence to keep the puppies clear! 

Portuguese man-o-war on the beach 

The cool kid on the block

They both slept the entire way home, and as I type this, it is morning.  Tachi is curled up on one side of me and Lily the other - all is peaceful but knowing Tachi, it won't last for long!


Monday, September 12, 2016


I got up bright and early this morning and went for a run with Lily.  4K, mostly running, some walking, was nice to get back out on the road.

Once back, it was time to clean upstairs in preparation for the house inspection this morning.  Lily made grunting noises throughout to say 'you haven't fed me yet' but hey, I hadn't fed myself yet so patience, Quincy.

Breakfast of scrambled eggs, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Lily had chicken and rice, and the grunting noises stopped.  She then died on the couch from a mixture of exhaustion and full-up-ness I presume.  


I cleaned the kitchen and did some more work on the puzzle and have now joined her on the couch.  


The vacuum cleaner is waiting for me to vacuum the floor.  I'll get to it at some point.

The building supervisor called to say brick-laying is starting today and that he doesn't think the selected mortar (flush) technique will match the brick so please could he change it.  IMHO he is the expert so please!  Whatever he thinks best.

Tiling will apparently start in two weeks and the tiler will want me on site to discuss how to lay them best.  

I'm going to head up to the site at the end of the week to take photos anyway.

The house inspection is at 11 and it's 9:30 now so plenty of time.  I only need to do the floors.

Tomorrow I am going to Byron with J & Tachi, L and hopefully J's housemate C.  It should be an awesomely fun day.  J was going to organise an Airbnb so we could stay the night, but as just me and him were staying and the cheapest he could find (at the last minute) was $738 for ONE NIGHT I said no way!  That's a crazy amount of money.  Apparently the house  takes 7-8 people, for that it would be fine but not split between two.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A day out with Vadim

We got up bright and early, actually it was dark and we didn't feel very bright, and headed off to sim, picking the check captain up on the way and donating to him our last chocolate chip cookie.  Once there, we settled in to the brief with an hour or so of questions (what is the reciprocal of Pi?) and then got down to it.  After a mostly ok first half and a slightly more messy second half, we finished up, both passing although not entirely with flying colours!  

After that, the real fun started.  Oh, well first we went to breakfast (brunch?) and then headed back to see our new Russian friends.  Valery had organised a Grand Day Out with his friend, Vadim, who apparently 'really likes women' but 'not in a womaniser sort of way'.  Hmm.  A, the check captain, said we would probably wake up in a ice bath minus our livers.  When we got there, Valery expanded with 'Vadim he very big man, he likes food' which began our preparation for what was to come.  

We sat outside on Valery's patio waiting for Vadim to arrive (I tell him two o'clock but he not here so come, I show you good view).  

The view

We talked about Russia, and churches, and how New Zealand has churches at every intersection, and how Valery's wife is in Russia visiting their son.  I think we may have talked about politics and revolutions but I'm not entirely sure of what he was saying.  I asked him how many children he had and he seemed unsure.  I have two, he stated, but, I do not know of the others, you see, when I was young man I had many women.  I was womaniser.  Ha ha ha.' 

Vadim arrived, to much barking from Maria's dog, 'Daughter'.  We blinked, blinked again, and wished for sunglasses.  Possibly around 6'5", Vadim was garishly dressed in bright yellow tracksuit bottoms, an orange T-shirt, and a navy jacket with an even brighter yellow lining.  Not to mention the blue/red/orange/yellow runners.  He made his way unsteadily onto the patio, there were introductions all around, and then Valery waved us off.  We settled in to Vadim's small van, and careered off down the road, Vadim talking loudly and happily about everything and anything, in a strong Russian accent, every now and then flooring it and then suddenly realising a corner was coming up, slamming on the brakes and yanking the steering wheel in the appropriate direction.

There's a viral video circulating on Facebook of a toddler reading a picture book.  He spells out every letter, for example P-A-R-A-K-E-E-T and then exclaiming 'BIRD!' Or S-H-A-R-K and 'DOLPHIN!'  It was a bit like that with Vadim.  We would pass lots of politician banners and placards and L would ask politely 'is it election time in Auckland?' And Vadim would answer 'yes, yes, yes' with a pause and then 'yes, the roads are only really busy for one or two hours a day' or another time, she attempted 'I'm glad we had a cup of tea before we left the house', I continued with 'yes that was good' and Vadim announced 'yes, you want coffee - we will stop and get some" careering to the side of the road to a BP that sold coffee. 

'Ha ha ha ha,' Vadim would laugh at himself every other sentence.  'Ha ha ha ha my friend he say how do you be so strong, and I say I get up every morning, I drink two hundred fifty grams vodka and then, I go for walk.  Ha ha ha.  He say, Vadim, I get up, I have two hundred fifty grams vodka, fifteen minutes later, ha ha ha, I pass out.'

There was a lot of talk of food.  'You want lamb? You do not buy lamb from supermarket, no no no, yucky yucky, you go Muslim people, they cut throat, it is very fresh, yummy yummy' and 'i go fishing, six, seven hours, I catch snapper, Marlin, easy peasy, yummy yummy.' Everything was either 'easy peasy' or 'yummy yummy' or 'yucky yucky'.

He took us down an amazingly scenic winding road to a secluded beach (ice bath? Liver?) which would have been breathtakingly beautiful if it wasn't so heart-stoppingly terrifying.  Playing placid Louis Armstrong all the way there, it was quite a surprise to have loud techno on the way but, but perhaps appropriate with the swerving, swaying, hanging-on-to-seat belts we were doing.

We heard about Mr Stalin, of Mr Lenin, of the 6 million Russians Mr Lenin had killed, and of the 80 million Mr Stalin polished off, half the population of Russia.  We learnt how if you had money in Russia you were ok, but if you didn't, it was hopeless, and how cold it was in Siberia.  He hunted wolves in Kazakhstan, Tigers (I forget where), but gave up on those when he witnessed one taking a fifteen metre leap towards a hunter.  He had a half-wolf that loved him, but hated all other humans, and he went diving and lost a fishing knife in a shark.  He ate dogs in Korea, and horses tasted the best of all.  He worked in the security force for a Russian president and owned a car company that sold luxury cars, had a wife but she left him and he wouldn't take her back.  A lot of it was unintelligible, and there was a lot of smiling and nodding.

Bethells Beach with its black sand and volcanic outcrops

The beach he took us to was pretty cool, with black sand.  The Western side of NZ has black sand, apparently, with the Pacific side's white, and it was incredible to see the sparkling black and feel it soft and clean between our toes.  

Black sand

We walked the whole way along, with a lot of huffing, puffing, and talking, from Vadim, and explored a cave at the end.  

Vadim and his amazing outfit

Vadim told us of a penguin he met while diving near there, and how it came up to him for a cuddle.  He explained how he wore a 5mm wetsuit to stay warm, and I looked at him and wondered how he possibly got into a wetsuit.  He showed us the plankton washed up on the sand, creamy on the black, and explained how the snapper followed the fish that followed them, so it was almost fishing season.  

Plankton residue on the sand

He showed us all of the different volcanic rocks, and told us where the river came from up in the hills, and how there was a lake up there, so clear you could see the fishes swimming at the bottom.  He found little swirly shells for us and explained it was the only beach in NZ where you would find them.  


From a cave

In the cave

When it was time to leave, he told us he would take us to a park, and buy us bread to feed the birds.  No kidding, he bought an entire loaf for each of us, and once there, identified every species and told us facts about them.  There were geese, both Canadian and otherwise.  


Black swans and a duck of some kind, I forget the name, but apparently they're quiet.  Eels and catfish in the lake, that came up to snatch the bread from the swans, and little Australian ducks that dived to the bottom.  He seemed so proud of it, his little lake.  


Sadly it was soon time to go home and say goodbye to Vadim, who we thanked profusely.  Maybe if we come back to Auckland we will see him again! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Auckland part 2

So, our new pad.  It's in an incredibly nice area of Auckland, just south of the city, rolling hills and all the houses are mansions.  L exclaims, every time we pass a house (so every few hundred metres...) "how can that possibly be a single house?!" 


The place we're staying at seems a bit older than most of the others, it is a low set 'acreage' house, with the main house separated from our apartment with a double and single set of garages.  Our apartment seems fairly old - awhile since it was last renovated anyway.  It is quite sufficient for our purposes, although L is on a camp bed.  We knew this when we booked it, and I did express my concern but she claims to be able to sleep anywhere, even the floor, so... 

Outside the front of the house is a little paddock containing two sheep and two miniature horses.  The family is Russian and they have a dog called 'Daughter', but the Russian word, which I have forgotten. Apparently the father wanted a fourth child and Maria said no, so he said fine and named the dog Daughter.  Fair enough!  The grandfather is called Valery and he is very bubbly and outgoing and very Russian.  He is going to introduce us to a friend tomorrow who is hopefully going to take us on a tour of Auckland.

We had our first sim session this morning which went fairly well - a few minor things to talk about and L and I got in trouble for not discussing (reviewing and assessing) before making a decision on the flight segment (from A - B (maybe C) with an inflight emergency) - as we entirely forgot that we had briefed each other last night.  The check captain met us yesterday morning to brief today's sequences so we didn't have to get up so early... And L and I chatted about it last night so we were both on the same page, so today we accidentally went from A - Z - he wasn't at our 'pre-brief'. Memo to self, spell it out in front of the checkie - mind you we took the correct path to the correct decision.  (Land in Canberra with a 22kt tailwind - emergency rule break :) ). 

Tomorrow is the actual check, two small LOAs (line oriented assessments) and MOAs (manoeuvre orientated assessments).  

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Auckland part 1

We arrived at our pad last night and it was too dark to see much.  It was definitely cold, the temperature sitting around 5 degrees, but thankfully Maria had all the heaters running for us - she also drove us to the supermarket to show us where it was.

This morning we got up stupidly early to try to adjust our bodies to the upcoming night sims, had a healthy cooked breakfast (eggs and spinach) and then headed off to the hotel to brief with the check captain - saving ourselves an hour the next morning!

After that, we headed south of Auckland to the Miranda Hot Springs.

The outside temperature was about 13C so it was very cold getting changed but the main pool was at 37 and the sauna at 41 so plenty warm!

 (I forgot to take swimmers so what you see is my jogging shirt!) 

The sauna pool

The driveway from the hot springs

Proof that I was there...

More to come... But I have to study now.

Oh yeah, here's a friendly pony

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


As I'm going to Auckland tomorrow, I checked up on the house today.  It looked exactly the same as it did on Sunday, which was a bit disappointing!

Lily licked the dishwasher fixit-guy on his bald spot when he lay down on the floor to check the dishwasher.  That was embarrassing...

We went to Kedron Brook to have one last run around before I go away.  She loved it.


I mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedge with a pair of kitchen scissors to avoid studying.  I found some funky pink berries on the hedge.


I watched lots of Netflix... And shared lots of Lily cuddles, and did a little studying in between.

And tomorrow I fly away..

Monday, September 5, 2016

Flying photos etc

Just in case anyone wondered, yes I passed my check.

Since then I've been flying, studying (a little), eating (a lot), and counting down the days until I go to sim on Thursday.  Then it will be pretty much everything done for a few months!

I took lots of photos the past couple of days.  On Sunday I went up to see the house and it looked like this:


So once in the air I took another photo:


It's there somewhere, I promise.

I also took a photo of the glasshouse mountains:


The Redcliffe peninsular from the south facing north:


From the East of the Redcliffe Peninsular - you can see my estate top left(ish):

Landing on Runway 14 in Brisbane (I was NOT flying):

The sunrise in Gladstone:

And that's about it on the photos front ! 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Random check musings

It's half way through 2016 and the Aussies have just realised that the rest of the world says "tailwind" not "downwind" and that oh, perhaps they should follow suit.  So I have spent a considerable part of the morning amending my Jeppy manuals to change pages that said "downwind".  I also found I had three revisions to do (we get one a month) thanks to a) being lazy and b) being on leave.

Don't worry, to all you pilots out there, I did take the relevant pages out of the revisions when issued and haven't been using expired plates.  So calm your farm, why don't you.  However, today being my line check I figured I should probably process all of the yellow envelopes in my flight bag, which of course brings me to my next issue.

Why, why, why, don't they get it right the first time?  There must be some little man in Airservices whose job is to make AIP amendments, and who says "oh no I wrote 'your' instead of 'you're' and that makes one line into two lines which spreads to a second page so I must re-issue the whole 500 pages of Airport Directory."  Or worse still, decides to change every other page so that instead of replacing a wad, I have to turn page after page after page... *rants*

I swear, they just want to feel validated and therefore not lose their job.  Is it really necessary to change the Sydney 6 Departure to the Sydney 7 and re-issue the plate?  Gah.

I'm now sitting on the couch writing an inane blog post because I'm all ready to go to work, and it's too early, and it's my line check, and I can't go to work even a minute early because that means more time for questions and yet I have to get ready extra early just in case I'm late.  That's how my mind works.  

Lily doesn't appreciate my getting ready to go to work.  I opened the car door to get something out and she slipped into her place in the foot well and refused point blank to get out.  If you're going to work, I'm coming too.  Nice try.

I've been through all the what-ifs for the day.  What if we're overbooked?  What airplane's broken?  What if there's a weird cabin issue that I have to sort out and I don't know what to do?  I'm not sure why it makes a difference today, but someone's watching, so it does.  

In other news, I go to sim on the 8th, which I believe is next week.  I'm going with one of the cadets, and we've booked an Air BnB for the trip.  She found the place, and I booked the hire car, and all in all, the cost of both is less than what the company will pay us for finding 'own accommodation' so that's cool.  I'm actually quite looking forward to it, we've got a cozy little place out in the countryside, and will have the independence of our own transport to explore, and be able to cook our own meals.  So it does rather put a different light on the whole 'going to sim' ordeal.  I'm sure I shall stress anyway 🙄

Well now it actually is time go to work, so TTFN!