Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 7

It's day seven and therefore time for an update.  Lily woke me at 0330 to go to the bathroom, then refused to actually go, and five minutes after coming back to bed, threw herself at me (she had been relegated to her own bed for cleanliness reasons) and started helping and crying and shaking for all she was worth.  This continued in cycles for about five minutes: me stroking her, trying to feel her body for "hurts" and the yelping/crying/shaking combined with diving head first into my lap for comfort.  Eventually this slowed down and she was content to lie with her head on my arm, still shaking fitfully.  I tried to get some more sleep but every time I opened my eyes I saw her lying there, eyes wide.  She did at last relax, and we slept until seven - late for me.  

This is the identical thing that happened a week ago where I took her to the vet (post episode) and they declared a possible ant bite.  Considering she came back inside and curled up for five minutes this time... And then imploded... I'm not so sure.  It's a Sunday so I might need to wait til tomorrow to give them an update.

And now I need to change my sheets.  Not exactly my first priority at 0330 when she was spazzing out!

Anyway, it is now day 7 of Whole 30 and it is going well.  I'm getting used to (but not really enjoying) black coffee, and last night at the cinema I drank water and ate some cashews and raisins.  Javi made fun of me the entire evening, trying to make me eat pizza and have a drink, going on about how life wouldn't be worth living without sugar and alcohol etc, but Michelle took my side.  And of course, I stood to my guns.  If I can make this 30 days, it will be the first food challenge I've actually completed: I am determined.

I'm making breakfast now (zucchini, spinach and some form of eggs) and am then going to the block to meet the final concreter.  That's about it in news! 

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