Saturday, September 17, 2016

Melbourne, birthdays and Whole 30's

Tomorrow is my birthday, and also day 1 of the Whole 30.  I don't know if I can do it, or indeed whether I really want to do it, but I do know I need to stop making excuses and do something!  Maybe I should start with positivity and say "yes, I can" instead of doubting myself but hey, I know myself better than anyone else, right ?

It is easy to use stress and emotions as an excuse for eating, and I'm good at doing that.  What I'm not good at is having control over it all, so we shall see!  My suitcase is packed full of healthy food and off we go.  

I went for a massage (my birthday present to myself) yesterday and now feel horribly sore, (I thought it was supposed to make me feel better?) so my birthday morning plans of going for a Melbourne run might not happen.  But then again, they might.

Yes, I'm in Melbourne, for the first time ever.  I'd like to explore the place a little but I just got to my room and it's 2200, and I check out at 1030 in the morning.  Limited options, considering the hotel is literally at the airport.  You walk out of the domestic terminal, cross a road, and there you are.  The hotel staff aren't the friendliest.  I asked Receptionist #1 if there was complimentary water.  She said no, but if I signed up for some program, I would get two bottles free.  Receptionist #2 butted in rudely with "crew aren't eligible for that program."  So then having taken my bags up to my room I remembered that I had forgotten my charger, and went back down to see if they could procure one.

Receptionist #2 had a very brief look and said no.  Receptionist #1 said she thought there was one, and Receptionist #2 disagreed.  This took awhile.  Eventually Receptionist #1 took matters into her own hands and looked for the charger (it was there).  Receptionist #2 said she was putting a $50 charge on my room that would be deleted if I returned the charger.  "Really?" Said I, incredulous.  "Well apparently it's thought of as stealing," said Receptionist #1 sarcastically.


Tomorrow I'm off to Canberra, which I've been to before, although getting there is another thing altogether.  North-East-ish?  Oh and to start off with, I have no idea where the crew room is... Aaaaaany-who...

If I don't post again it's because I failed to make it to Canberra.  Ha ha ha. 

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