Monday, September 19, 2016

The whole 30

Well as far as the Whole 30 goes, day one was an unmitigated disaster.  Having told myself I didn't need to celebrate my birthday yet again due to celebrating a couple of times in the week leading up, I packed my bags full of healthy food and set forth to Melbourne.  

This all went swimmingly until we landed in Canberra, where we were joined by new cabin crew, who had noticed it was my birthday on Facebook, and therefore came loaded with birthday gifts: lattes for each of us flight crew and a caramel tart for me.  So very kind of them, although I was groaning inside. JM, the FO, agreed that if I had been half way through the detox, I could've just thanked them, taken it up to the flight deck, and donated it all to her, but as it was day one, I decided (I know, another excuse) just to push it back one day and enjoy the treat.

Yesterday, on the other hand, went very well.  I did a big shop at the fruit & veg place, the fridge is now chokka, and I finished off the day with a cup of tea and handful of Medjool dates.  Conceivably as good as candy.

I also met with a landscaper yesterday who is going to organise a quote for the new house.  He suggested that I ask the builder if I can keep the leftover bricks: and he will use them to border the gardens.  Great idea!  If only there were enough to build a raised bed also!

The brick laying is all finished (and they remembered the wiring in the pillars) so I presume the render could be next.  Not being a builder though, I could be surprised.

Today I am going to lunch with Ceri.  We were going to eat out, but I can't find any food compatible with the whole 30, so I'm going to roast a chicken, make some salad and mayo, and take it over to his house.

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