Thursday, September 8, 2016

Auckland part 1

We arrived at our pad last night and it was too dark to see much.  It was definitely cold, the temperature sitting around 5 degrees, but thankfully Maria had all the heaters running for us - she also drove us to the supermarket to show us where it was.

This morning we got up stupidly early to try to adjust our bodies to the upcoming night sims, had a healthy cooked breakfast (eggs and spinach) and then headed off to the hotel to brief with the check captain - saving ourselves an hour the next morning!

After that, we headed south of Auckland to the Miranda Hot Springs.

The outside temperature was about 13C so it was very cold getting changed but the main pool was at 37 and the sauna at 41 so plenty warm!

 (I forgot to take swimmers so what you see is my jogging shirt!) 

The sauna pool

The driveway from the hot springs

Proof that I was there...

More to come... But I have to study now.

Oh yeah, here's a friendly pony

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