Friday, September 16, 2016


I had a conversation yesterday with a friend about her vegetarianism.  

"I don't eat meat," she stated.

Probing further, I asked her whether she ate marshmallows, jelly and gummy sweets.  Yes, she did.  So I asked her why she was a vegetarian.

"Because I don't think animals should be killed."

You do know they kill animals to make gelatin?  Of which the above candies are made? Yes?  But that's different?

"I don't eat meat," she said obstinately.

Do you eat chips with chicken salt?  Yes? You know they kill chickens to make chicken salt?  That's different too?

Look... I have no issue whatsoever with vegetarianism.  I have no issue with people deciding they don't eat meat.  But come on now, whatever your reason, be consistent !

It's like my other friend who, while stuffing her mouth full of bacon, would screech "don't talk about killing animals! It's horrible! The poor animals!"  (She has now decided to become a vegetarian and therefore has been scratched out of the "hypocrite" column 😝

In other news, the house now has bricks, and doors, and windows.  I met with a concreter yesterday to get a quote, and have two others lined up over the next two weeks.  



Last night I went out to dinner with some of the girls from church (including a vegetarian, hence the conversation) which was fun, and then we came back to the house to eat birthday cake.  I like cake.  It's not my birthday until tomorrow, but I am away in Canberra / Melbourne for that !

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