Monday, September 5, 2016

Flying photos etc

Just in case anyone wondered, yes I passed my check.

Since then I've been flying, studying (a little), eating (a lot), and counting down the days until I go to sim on Thursday.  Then it will be pretty much everything done for a few months!

I took lots of photos the past couple of days.  On Sunday I went up to see the house and it looked like this:


So once in the air I took another photo:


It's there somewhere, I promise.

I also took a photo of the glasshouse mountains:


The Redcliffe peninsular from the south facing north:


From the East of the Redcliffe Peninsular - you can see my estate top left(ish):

Landing on Runway 14 in Brisbane (I was NOT flying):

The sunrise in Gladstone:

And that's about it on the photos front ! 


  1. Great pics and I knew you'd past the line test and I hope all goes well in Auckland and that you come back with more pics of your time there

  2. Strange patterns in the water in your Bris runway shot?? And this runway is very short so why are you using it? And why can't I click on the images to get them bigger - I can hardly see the glasshouse mts