Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Byron Bay with puppies

Yesterday was Byron, and I didn't really get pictures because phone and sand and puppy dogs don't really mix very well.  

On the way

Tachi and Lily had the best time ever - Lily kept burying her head in the sand and ended up with eyes full of it... That took a lot of cleaning when we got home.  They both ran around like crazy all day, and by about 1700 they were clearly exhausted, having swam twice, walked a long way down the beach, played frisbee and gone for another walk along the Pass.

We found some Portuguese man-o-war jellies on the beach that were still moving - and required diligence to keep the puppies clear! 

Portuguese man-o-war on the beach 

The cool kid on the block

They both slept the entire way home, and as I type this, it is morning.  Tachi is curled up on one side of me and Lily the other - all is peaceful but knowing Tachi, it won't last for long!


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