Sunday, April 28, 2013

27/04/2013, Kangaroo sighting number two, as though sensing how I doubt their existence.

It hopped into my life, and then, like most things do, hopped out again.

It didn't even wait to let me see what colour it was. (It was dark)

But it definitely was kangaroo-esque in shape and hoppingness, and it calmly crossed the road a comfortable distance in front of our bus, and I'm claiming it as mine.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Models again

It is time for a Model Post.

The last couple of weeks I have succumbed to a model aircraft obsession, beginning with a Spitfire Mk I, which I posted previously.

Having made a number of rookie errors with the first Spitfire, partly due to inexperience but mostly because of impatience, the second Spitfire (Mk Vb) turned out quite nicely. However I did manage to ruin 2 canopies due to impatience - thankfully each Spitfire came with a spare one...

Now I have moved on to a Mosquito, same scale but obviously quite a lot larger, and have determined not to rush it... The fact that I am now on a 4 day trip down south is extremely irritating as i reeeeally want to finish it !!!

Also need to save my money so that I can get a glass display cabinet, hehe - at which suggestion my housemate retorted that there was nowhere for me to put it. I do live in the apartment, although apparently I'm only allowed to put my stuff in my bedroom, which is really annoying!! I therefore retorted that it could go in my bathroom, next to the toilet, and then all my visitors would have plenty of time to gaze at the models' splendour... Kurt suggested a mirror backing so that they could also gaze at themselves... but I think that's going a bit far - don't you?

It's been a year...

A year ago, last Thursday, I was strolling in the zoo, when I met a man who thought he knew the lot. He was laying down the law about the habits of baboons, and the number of quills a porcupine has got. I asked him 'what's that creature there?' he answered 'oh, it's a h'elk'. I might have gone on thinking that was true. If the animal in question hadn't put that chap to shame - and remarked:

'I h'aint a h'elk. IM A GNU.'


Not really.

But it was a year ago, and then I got carried away with Flanders and Swann, As You Do.

Starting over...

A year ago, having zipped shut (with difficulty) my suitcase containing an abridged version of my life's belongings, I found myself in Dublin Airport.

There you have it. My last view of home, sitting in an Aer Fungus 320 or something similar, heading out into the great blue yonder - except the yonder wasn't blue, so there wasn't any great farewell sight of Dublin to bring tears to my eyes. And it didn't really feel like I was leaving, so my eyes remained dry.

...I'm a gnu. I'm a gnu. The g'nicest work of g'nature in the zoo...


And to backtrack slightly to Dublin Airport again, Dad took photos of me going through security and put them on facebook, which was weird.

The flight from Dublin was late, so Heathrow was a mad dash, and finally after an insanely long time, I disembarked in Brisbane.


It took 5 months to see my first (and only so far) Real Kangaroos, and so I'm convinced that it's a government ploy and they Don't Actually Exist. That was on my birthday, as a matter of fact, and not really part of this post, as it wasn't a year ago, was it?

In fact, it wasn't a year ago that I arrived in Brisbane either, because that was April 27th and today is April 26th, which was the day that I said goodbye to Whisper, and Sarah, and the Garbage Disposal Unit, and the McGbergs, and of course everyone else and I'm not naming you because someone is going to be upset about not being named, so it's easier just to not name a whole bunch of you and watch you fight. And cry.

And of course today, a year ago, was the day that I tried very hard not to say goodbye at the airport because I hate goodbyes, and Dad took pictures of me going through security, which was weird, and Mally was very brave (unusual).

And today, I'm sitting on an airplane, listening to Australian (mostly) voices on the radio, and it's perhaps a slight bit weird to be thinking about this. But, it is the same airplane as it was a year ago (different colour, bit newer) and the sun is shining, and really, it's okay, and it's worlds ago that anything was different.

And now I'm bored of waffling... so here is a picture of my last Tulfarris celebration before leaving...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well, it's been a few days since I was last on here, partly because I've been busy, and partly because I haven't had The Muse.

Since the last post, which was indeed a squash court, I've been on an overnight, attempted yoga, played more squash (halfheartedly, as I was tired after the yoga), been go karting, made models, and lots of mistakes on said models, ice skated...

Busy times!

I really will post a decent post sometime... promise!  I am just tired and over it right now :)  Off to NSW for 4 days at the weekend so I'm sure I'll be able to post something then.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm going to Alaska in seven weeks.

One two three four five six seven.  That's not really any time at all.  One week is basically a trip to Canberra, two weeks is barely more than that... in other words, I'm going to Alaska really really soon !

And I don't have a ticket yet.

Oh well, I shall go to the travel agent tomorrow - and everything will be sorted!  SO exciting !!!

In other news, I'm organising a BBQ for all of the international pilots, and they're being really slow at answering my emails, which is really annoying.

And what else?

Oh yeah.  Some people really don't like to be wrong.  Not me, of course, 'cause I'm never wrong, so it's not like I get the opportunity to even feel what it's like to be wrong...  But on a more serious note, it's really annoying!  Everyone's human, surely?  Or maybe not?

Today I got up really really really early (0300) and flew an empty aircraft to Sydney.  Well, the other guy flew it, and I did the radio, but Same Thing.  Fifth early in a row (0845, 0440, 0440, 0545, 0300) and I'm wrecked.  the 0845 one wouldn't have been bad if I had actually gone to bed the night before.  Har Har !

What am I going to do next?

Well, tomorrow I have a day off, and I met another female pilot today, and she might get breakfast with me tomorrow, which would be cool, and I played Squash yesterday with someone from work, and that was awesome!  Now I'm starting to ache...

Can't think of any other news really... did I mention I'm going to Alaska?  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Almost finished!!!

Almost finished the Spitfire! Decals and last touch ups to go...

And a picture of Bondi, because i couldn't be there but I could be above it ...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How Animals Eat Their Food

Okay, this was just too funny not to share.  I almost fell off the couch while watching it . . .

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I've taken up modelling.  Not me modelling myself, but rather, me modelling aircraft.  I did it before, you know, in Alcatraz the Isle of Man.  Well, I made one model, and snapped off a couple of gear struts and antenna in the process.

This time, I decided that my model would be perfect.

Obviously, on cutting the second piece of the fuselage out, I managed to make a mistake... but that's beside the point.

This is how far I've got so far.  It's still wet.

Isn't it pretty?  Okay, it's not pretty.  Yet.    It's not actually going to end up this colour, but that is the base coat before I add the green camouflage markings.  Also, the canopy is going to be green outside - the yellow is on the interior.  I also have left off all of the antenna and gear until I have finished with the rest of the model - knowing how clumsy I am, and how easy it is for things to break !

This is a Spitfire Mk1, and I have also got a Spitfire Mk Vb to work on... the goal is to try to make as many different models of Spitfires as I possibly can (you may have worked out that I like Spitfires).  Annoying that I didn't bring over (or get sent) my paints from Ireland, but I've bought new ones... 

I wasn't even going to a model shop, but I got dragged there, almost kicking and screaming, and then saw the models and was like OOOOOOOOOOOOO.  As you do.

It's quite an ugly brown, now that I come to think of it.  Hope the green matches!  

Also, this will be the first time that I have ever attempted to spray paint camouflage markings on a model of any type, so this will be interesting... I hope I won't ruin it after so many hours' work today !  Bring on the insulation tape :D

TTFN !!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Day four of five.  Weird, because initially it was only two, but my three reserves quickly morphed into duties.  Strange how that happens.

I get paid on Tuesday.  Hurrah.  It feels like forever although in reality it is less than two weeks... one asks oneself - what did one do in the days of being paid monthly?

Also, why isn't Qantas spelled Quantas?  Did no one teach them proper grammar?

You probably noticed from this post that I don't really have anything to report...

Last night I was in Rockhampton, the night before that in Brisbane, and the night before that in Rockhampton... and tonight I am going ice-skating - in Brisbane, which is about 25 degrees so one would presume that it is an indoor rink.

One is predominant in this post... whoever one is.

I suppose I might have something more to write after ice-skating.  Perhaps a casualty report: my first ever Australian Hospital Experience!  You never know.  I am accident-prone, after all !

Oh and tomorrow I'm going to Another BBQ.  As you do.

And we got the fuel burn down to 400kg an hour in the cruise.  Mind you, we were only doing 140kts... but still, an average of 520kg per hour over the entire flight time.  Woohoo.  Obviously most of you won't have a clue what I'm talking about, so I'll just talk to myself.  Hi me.

TTFN !!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sometimes, I just don't want to go flying.  

Unfortunately, that's not my choice.

It's off to Rockhampton again today... already getting that feeling of deja flu...