Friday, April 5, 2013

Day four of five.  Weird, because initially it was only two, but my three reserves quickly morphed into duties.  Strange how that happens.

I get paid on Tuesday.  Hurrah.  It feels like forever although in reality it is less than two weeks... one asks oneself - what did one do in the days of being paid monthly?

Also, why isn't Qantas spelled Quantas?  Did no one teach them proper grammar?

You probably noticed from this post that I don't really have anything to report...

Last night I was in Rockhampton, the night before that in Brisbane, and the night before that in Rockhampton... and tonight I am going ice-skating - in Brisbane, which is about 25 degrees so one would presume that it is an indoor rink.

One is predominant in this post... whoever one is.

I suppose I might have something more to write after ice-skating.  Perhaps a casualty report: my first ever Australian Hospital Experience!  You never know.  I am accident-prone, after all !

Oh and tomorrow I'm going to Another BBQ.  As you do.

And we got the fuel burn down to 400kg an hour in the cruise.  Mind you, we were only doing 140kts... but still, an average of 520kg per hour over the entire flight time.  Woohoo.  Obviously most of you won't have a clue what I'm talking about, so I'll just talk to myself.  Hi me.

TTFN !!!

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