Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm going to Alaska in seven weeks.

One two three four five six seven.  That's not really any time at all.  One week is basically a trip to Canberra, two weeks is barely more than that... in other words, I'm going to Alaska really really soon !

And I don't have a ticket yet.

Oh well, I shall go to the travel agent tomorrow - and everything will be sorted!  SO exciting !!!

In other news, I'm organising a BBQ for all of the international pilots, and they're being really slow at answering my emails, which is really annoying.

And what else?

Oh yeah.  Some people really don't like to be wrong.  Not me, of course, 'cause I'm never wrong, so it's not like I get the opportunity to even feel what it's like to be wrong...  But on a more serious note, it's really annoying!  Everyone's human, surely?  Or maybe not?

Today I got up really really really early (0300) and flew an empty aircraft to Sydney.  Well, the other guy flew it, and I did the radio, but Same Thing.  Fifth early in a row (0845, 0440, 0440, 0545, 0300) and I'm wrecked.  the 0845 one wouldn't have been bad if I had actually gone to bed the night before.  Har Har !

What am I going to do next?

Well, tomorrow I have a day off, and I met another female pilot today, and she might get breakfast with me tomorrow, which would be cool, and I played Squash yesterday with someone from work, and that was awesome!  Now I'm starting to ache...

Can't think of any other news really... did I mention I'm going to Alaska?  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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