Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Models again

It is time for a Model Post.

The last couple of weeks I have succumbed to a model aircraft obsession, beginning with a Spitfire Mk I, which I posted previously.

Having made a number of rookie errors with the first Spitfire, partly due to inexperience but mostly because of impatience, the second Spitfire (Mk Vb) turned out quite nicely. However I did manage to ruin 2 canopies due to impatience - thankfully each Spitfire came with a spare one...

Now I have moved on to a Mosquito, same scale but obviously quite a lot larger, and have determined not to rush it... The fact that I am now on a 4 day trip down south is extremely irritating as i reeeeally want to finish it !!!

Also need to save my money so that I can get a glass display cabinet, hehe - at which suggestion my housemate retorted that there was nowhere for me to put it. I do live in the apartment, although apparently I'm only allowed to put my stuff in my bedroom, which is really annoying!! I therefore retorted that it could go in my bathroom, next to the toilet, and then all my visitors would have plenty of time to gaze at the models' splendour... Kurt suggested a mirror backing so that they could also gaze at themselves... but I think that's going a bit far - don't you?

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