Sunday, February 21, 2016


I'm getting better with the compound.

deer at 20m

pig at 30m

cat at 7-8m

Of course, I didn't take photos of the missed shots.

I took both bows with me, hoping to give the recurve a go, but unfortunately forgot my glove and eight shots later my fingers were too sore for any more.

I met a new (but old) guy at the practise range, it was only his second time there although his partner step-son shoot there.  So we went around the red range together which he was very appreciative of, saying he'd never been around the range before.  Next Monday we're going to do the yellow range - and maybe in between the two I'll do a shoot with my recurve!  

I also met a girl at church yesterday who would like to give archery a go, so I need to find out about setting her up to be range cleared - it would be nice to have a friend to shoot with - especially as female archers seem as rare as hens' teeth...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lily Dog

It's very hard being a puppy dog in my house

What's that?  Ten toys in this picture and that's not even all of them.  Clearly it's exhausting being a Lily dog.

It's her first birthday today, so she got two new toys to add to the mix.

Spoilt much?

She even got to go for a walk to the coffee shop with me this morning and a run tonight!

Little stinker.

But oh so incredibly loveable.


I sighted my bow this morning.  It's pins were set irritatingly at 10,18,30 and 35 and I was tired of it.  I now have (pretty much) 10,20,30,40 and I can interpolate between them.  Yay!

Getting close at 20m.

I even took a selfie (phone camera set on timer on top of the bale then run back and take a shot)

Friday, February 5, 2016

How Time Flies

I just realised that I've been following one particular blog for over 9 years.  Am I really that old?  That means I was about nineteen when my interest in multiples started.  Please don't get me wrong, I really would not like to have a multiple pregnancy myself, but I have always been fascinated by others.  But nine years seems like an awfully long time ago.  Anyway, I started following a couple of blogs, and the one I am still following, her boys are now nine and it makes me feel old.  

I say "following" very loosely as I really just have the links bookmarked on my browser.

Also, it reminds me of the Howrse game I played years ago, which I still have the link for on my computer.  I tried to "get back into it" a year or so ago, played for a few weeks and quickly lost interest.    It seems I don't have quite the same obsessions as I did when I was a teenager.  (now I just play Clash of Clans on my iPad)

However, I am still in touch with a friend I made, as a teenager, while playing that Howrse game online - and now, 10+ years later, we are real-life friends and I go horse-riding with her on overnights in Rockhampton.  Who would have thought that a young Irish girl would get chatting to an Australian girl on the internet, decide to move to the same (similar) location in Australia, and become friends? 

Do you believe in reincarnation?

I have mixed feelings on the subject.  I was fairly certain that I didn't, until I began to wonder, and now I'm just not sure.  I've watched a couple of documentaries (for instance the BBC documentary
The boy who lived before) and it makes me think.

Is it conceivable that a child could remember a former life?  To the detail of remembering names, and places, people and things, and how they died?  Children so young as to have had no chance to be exposed to any of the things they claim to remember?

What brought this up for me, today, was getting a remedial massage to try to loosen up my back/neck and talking to the massage therapist.  We were solving all the world's problems, one by one, and somehow this came up. 

She claimed to have visited a psychic who told her that in her previous life she had been a six year old boy who had died in a concentration camp in the war in 1941.  The name of the camp was "hyphenated" but (in a hushed tone) she wouldn't mention the name.  I can only presume that she meant Auschwitz-Birkenau, which is probably the most publicised (is that the right word) camp from that period.  Does this make the story suspicious?  Would I be more likely to believe it if she claimed another name that wasn't well known?

It did make me a tiny bit interested - well, I was already interested - but do I believe her?  She says that when she was in the trance going back to her past, the psychic asked her questions about her life, and about her, and that it was she herself who said where she had died.

Does that make it more believable?  It was at least, an interesting discussion.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The news is all bout Zika at the minute, which to me is terrifying, as it seems uncontrollable - and I have O type blood so mosquitos CHOOSE me.  

Kurt left to go to Japan on his snowboarding trip yesterday, leaving me behind to look after Lily.  I took a week off work and prepared myself for a tough spell of relaxation, perhaps some beach trips, you know the drill.  And then I twisted my back and even breathing hurts.  So that's been fun: day 2 so far and I've another physio appointment tomorrow.  I'm beginning to get irritated by the slightest thing and don't even want to talk to my dog, which makes me appreciate more how chronic pain affects someone (this being acute).  

We got an update today about the building site : apparently they are expecting completion within 14 days.  Hurrah!  Perhaps Kurt will return home to site access ?

I had high hopes for this week and it turns out I'm already missing my husband quite a lot - maybe the pain is making me weak? LOL. I'd like to get out of the house and take Lily on long walks, etc. But even taking her downstairs was exhausting.  Better luck tomorrow.  Oh and in case you care, apparently I've sprained a rib joint.  Whatever that means.

At least there are no mosquitos in this apartment, and it's 38C outside today and humid as hell (is hell humid?) so being inside is probably a good thing.