Friday, February 5, 2016

How Time Flies

I just realised that I've been following one particular blog for over 9 years.  Am I really that old?  That means I was about nineteen when my interest in multiples started.  Please don't get me wrong, I really would not like to have a multiple pregnancy myself, but I have always been fascinated by others.  But nine years seems like an awfully long time ago.  Anyway, I started following a couple of blogs, and the one I am still following, her boys are now nine and it makes me feel old.  

I say "following" very loosely as I really just have the links bookmarked on my browser.

Also, it reminds me of the Howrse game I played years ago, which I still have the link for on my computer.  I tried to "get back into it" a year or so ago, played for a few weeks and quickly lost interest.    It seems I don't have quite the same obsessions as I did when I was a teenager.  (now I just play Clash of Clans on my iPad)

However, I am still in touch with a friend I made, as a teenager, while playing that Howrse game online - and now, 10+ years later, we are real-life friends and I go horse-riding with her on overnights in Rockhampton.  Who would have thought that a young Irish girl would get chatting to an Australian girl on the internet, decide to move to the same (similar) location in Australia, and become friends? 


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  1. I never could understand your interest in howrse, but then there are lots of things I do not understand. But I'm glad it resulted in a friendship and interest in real horses.