Monday, February 1, 2016

The news is all bout Zika at the minute, which to me is terrifying, as it seems uncontrollable - and I have O type blood so mosquitos CHOOSE me.  

Kurt left to go to Japan on his snowboarding trip yesterday, leaving me behind to look after Lily.  I took a week off work and prepared myself for a tough spell of relaxation, perhaps some beach trips, you know the drill.  And then I twisted my back and even breathing hurts.  So that's been fun: day 2 so far and I've another physio appointment tomorrow.  I'm beginning to get irritated by the slightest thing and don't even want to talk to my dog, which makes me appreciate more how chronic pain affects someone (this being acute).  

We got an update today about the building site : apparently they are expecting completion within 14 days.  Hurrah!  Perhaps Kurt will return home to site access ?

I had high hopes for this week and it turns out I'm already missing my husband quite a lot - maybe the pain is making me weak? LOL. I'd like to get out of the house and take Lily on long walks, etc. But even taking her downstairs was exhausting.  Better luck tomorrow.  Oh and in case you care, apparently I've sprained a rib joint.  Whatever that means.

At least there are no mosquitos in this apartment, and it's 38C outside today and humid as hell (is hell humid?) so being inside is probably a good thing.

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