Sunday, February 21, 2016


I'm getting better with the compound.

deer at 20m

pig at 30m

cat at 7-8m

Of course, I didn't take photos of the missed shots.

I took both bows with me, hoping to give the recurve a go, but unfortunately forgot my glove and eight shots later my fingers were too sore for any more.

I met a new (but old) guy at the practise range, it was only his second time there although his partner step-son shoot there.  So we went around the red range together which he was very appreciative of, saying he'd never been around the range before.  Next Monday we're going to do the yellow range - and maybe in between the two I'll do a shoot with my recurve!  

I also met a girl at church yesterday who would like to give archery a go, so I need to find out about setting her up to be range cleared - it would be nice to have a friend to shoot with - especially as female archers seem as rare as hens' teeth...

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  1. Imagine a life sized poster of Lily pinned to a hay-bale...