Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's done!

Apparently, I haven't been blogging.  Don't you know that it's not always that easy?  Strangely, I haven't even wanted to blog.  Once or twice I've considered it and then come to the conclusion that I just can't be bothered.

There's been a lot of that lately.  The whole training for command thing sort of took over my universe, and pretty much everything got put on the back burner.  Even things that technically I had time for haven't been done because, I was doing my command so NOTHING CAN BE DONE, FOLKS!  

And now that's over.

I'm not training for my command any more.  I'm finished.  Done.  Dusted.  And I feel like I never want to study for anything again ever in my life.  My whole life.  NEVER.  Of course, I am well aware that I've only just started, that I need to consolidate, and keep looking at the books!

However, not today.  Today, I'm all finished training for my command, and I can go on Facebook (which I did anyway) without guilt because no, I shouldn't be doing anything else.  This apartment does not need to be cleaned today (it does, but it won't be).   Priorities, folks, and let's face it, nothing productive is high on that list.

Actually, I couldn't clean the apartment even if I tried, because I am in Rockhampton.  Today was my first day officially flying as a captain, and despite my pre-flight jitters, it went really smoothly and I had a good day.  

I managed to land the aircraft safely, three times, and came away from the duty with no aircraft faults, no weather dilemmas, and no reports to be filed - and, most importantly, in one piece!

And that, as they say, is that!