Friday, February 5, 2016

Do you believe in reincarnation?

I have mixed feelings on the subject.  I was fairly certain that I didn't, until I began to wonder, and now I'm just not sure.  I've watched a couple of documentaries (for instance the BBC documentary
The boy who lived before) and it makes me think.

Is it conceivable that a child could remember a former life?  To the detail of remembering names, and places, people and things, and how they died?  Children so young as to have had no chance to be exposed to any of the things they claim to remember?

What brought this up for me, today, was getting a remedial massage to try to loosen up my back/neck and talking to the massage therapist.  We were solving all the world's problems, one by one, and somehow this came up. 

She claimed to have visited a psychic who told her that in her previous life she had been a six year old boy who had died in a concentration camp in the war in 1941.  The name of the camp was "hyphenated" but (in a hushed tone) she wouldn't mention the name.  I can only presume that she meant Auschwitz-Birkenau, which is probably the most publicised (is that the right word) camp from that period.  Does this make the story suspicious?  Would I be more likely to believe it if she claimed another name that wasn't well known?

It did make me a tiny bit interested - well, I was already interested - but do I believe her?  She says that when she was in the trance going back to her past, the psychic asked her questions about her life, and about her, and that it was she herself who said where she had died.

Does that make it more believable?  It was at least, an interesting discussion.


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  2. And there are so many other unexplained phenomena. The world seems to go by without caring too much, just the occasional documentary like your link. Most folk religiously hold on to a deterministic materialistic universe that just happened to happen and thus here we are. And there is a good deal of evidence for believing just that. Like you, I would like it better if the things that are not that apparent could make themselves a bit more apparent. Like "If he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him."