Friday, September 9, 2016

Auckland part 2

So, our new pad.  It's in an incredibly nice area of Auckland, just south of the city, rolling hills and all the houses are mansions.  L exclaims, every time we pass a house (so every few hundred metres...) "how can that possibly be a single house?!" 


The place we're staying at seems a bit older than most of the others, it is a low set 'acreage' house, with the main house separated from our apartment with a double and single set of garages.  Our apartment seems fairly old - awhile since it was last renovated anyway.  It is quite sufficient for our purposes, although L is on a camp bed.  We knew this when we booked it, and I did express my concern but she claims to be able to sleep anywhere, even the floor, so... 

Outside the front of the house is a little paddock containing two sheep and two miniature horses.  The family is Russian and they have a dog called 'Daughter', but the Russian word, which I have forgotten. Apparently the father wanted a fourth child and Maria said no, so he said fine and named the dog Daughter.  Fair enough!  The grandfather is called Valery and he is very bubbly and outgoing and very Russian.  He is going to introduce us to a friend tomorrow who is hopefully going to take us on a tour of Auckland.

We had our first sim session this morning which went fairly well - a few minor things to talk about and L and I got in trouble for not discussing (reviewing and assessing) before making a decision on the flight segment (from A - B (maybe C) with an inflight emergency) - as we entirely forgot that we had briefed each other last night.  The check captain met us yesterday morning to brief today's sequences so we didn't have to get up so early... And L and I chatted about it last night so we were both on the same page, so today we accidentally went from A - Z - he wasn't at our 'pre-brief'. Memo to self, spell it out in front of the checkie - mind you we took the correct path to the correct decision.  (Land in Canberra with a 22kt tailwind - emergency rule break :) ). 

Tomorrow is the actual check, two small LOAs (line oriented assessments) and MOAs (manoeuvre orientated assessments).  

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