Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I was sitting in bed last night thinking how nice it would be to have a bar of chocolate.  The dreams have stopped however: the first week I kept dreaming that I ate sugar, or popcorn, or something that made me have to start all over again.

Now I'm just dreaming about aviation and buying goats in Ireland.  I'm not sure why.  Is it a sign ?

It's now day 10 though and I have been cheat free.  I'm not 100% sure whether the steak the other day had any additives, but if that's my only doubt, I think I'm doing well.  This being a five day trip, I've done well to pack almost all of my meals, and last night I managed to get an apartment style room in Canberra.  

This meant that I had fresh salmon with my boxed homemade coleslaw last night, and this morning L will come over to my room for a breakfast of the inevitable eggs and spinach.  We are together for the full five days which is nice.

However there is a cyclone, or something similar, heading towards us as we speak so I am feeling less than favourable about tonight's flights.  I guess we can't always have it easy.  And apparently it is 2.4 degrees right now.  Ouch.

I'm managing to pick up a lot of overtime with the the current crewing shortages, which is great for the house build but not so good for Lily... So I'm thinking I need to spend some more time with her over the next few weeks.  Five day trips are all very good... But not as a habit.

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