Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's October

The Christmas puddings are officially underway.  It may not be September any more, but hey, second of October isn't too bad!  At least I remembered.  I have a lot of left over dried fruit and have determined that, by buying a little butter, extra currants and some glace cherries, I should be able to make a fruit cake for Christmas also.  Maybe it will be a housewarming cake!  We shall see.  This will be my second attempt at fruit cake baking - the first, for the wedding, turned out really well.  I believe there may still be some in the freezer at the apartment. 

Christmas pudding, ready to steam

As usual, I got up super early this morning and, after a hastily-made cup of coffee, Lily and I headed off to check out the house.  Having been away for five days, I was excited to see the changes, but once there, a little disappointed at how little had been done.  They had a whole week, and all they did was cornices and the beginning of the ducted air-conditioning.  *sniffs*.  If I were a builder... I would be pretty much finished the house by now...

Ducted air con vents


It was ever so nice picking up Lily yesterday.  Five days turned out to be an incredibly long trip, and although with good crew the entire time, both myself and L were really looking forward to being home.  After getting Lily, I did a grocery shop - ok, a Christmas pudding shop - and then L and I headed over to Javi's, who was having a paella event.  We both arrived post-paella, but I made some excellent sweet potato chips and chicken tenders with coconut flour, which were amazing. 

I was debating whether to bother with Christmas at all this year, feeling a bit despondent about it, to be honest.  it seemed somewhat pointless to make Christmas puddings (which I wanted to be a tradition) when Christmas wasn't going to exist like I had expected it to.  However, some of the girls from church suggested doing a Christmas party / house warming, although potentially not on Christmas day itself, so I'm beginning to feel more cheerful about it now.  It is good to have something to look forward to.

There has obviously been a lot of change lately, and I am realising why there are such things as therapy dogs.  When I'm home, feeling lonely or down, and just need a hug, Lily is always ready to cuddle - and always listens without talking back!  Obviously, it can still be lonely, and sometimes my thoughts completely take over and then I'm like "Ack", but she definitely helps.  And with this Whole 30 detox, I am determined not to let eating my emotions be a way out!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is definitely Spring here now: yesterday it was 27C, which was really nice.  I spent two days in Canberra though, and when I woke up it was just 2C, with torrential rain and gusting 30 knots.  And they dare presume to call that Spring!  I have even found a tomato plant in the garden here, and am looking forward to see what it produces for me.  No, I did not plant any seeds.

I am basically on house arrest today, listening to my Christmas puddings bubble gently in the back ground - they take between 5 - 7 hours to steam/boil, and I don't particularly mind.  Lily has collapsed in a heap of fluff on the tiles, and I think I shall watch some Netflix.  Perhaps, later, we shall go for a walk, and Lily can chase some birds.  


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