Sunday, October 30, 2016

Almost there!

Last night was the launch service at our church's new building, in Burpengary.  It's about ten minutes further away from where I live at the minute - from 15 to 25, which is a bit of a bummer - but still only 16 minutes, according to Google Maps, from the new house.  It was a full house, and I have to say a very good service.  I felt completely at home, despite the sea of unknown faces, and am glad to have finally found somewhere that I belong. 

Mind you, afterwards there was the inevitable Australian sausage sizzle - and after standing around for a few minutes feeling lost, I decided to go home.  Usually after the evening service we (the young adults, yes, I still count as young) go to North Lakes to the food court, but this being an inaugural service was apparently different.  I'm quite happy with a few familiar people, indeed even a slightly larger group assuming that I recognise some faces, but it got to the stage where there were literally hundreds of people that I didn't know, all talking at once, and it got rather overwhelming.  Yay for being introverted.

This morning I met with the building supervisor over at the house, and he was a little bit vague surrounding finish dates.  He said that painting was supposed to commence on Wednesday, and take around a week, and that appliances would start being delivered from the following Friday.  He didn't like bringing appliances mid week because they had a tendency to go missing.  I'm not quite sure why they would go missing on a Wednesday but not on a Friday, but there you go.

He also seemed to suggest that we were three weeks from completion, and two weeks from then would be hand over, making a total of six weeks, and having done the addition in my head a few times, I'm still not sure how that works, but there you go.  That would put it second week of December rather than the first.  He did say six weeks one week ago, and is still saying six weeks today, so...

Also the tiler seemed to forget the Alfresco, because when I asked when it was going to be completed, he had to get his ipad out and then make some hurried phone calls for the tiler to call him back!  Hmm.

Housemate #1 arrives on 12 November, which is less than two weeks away.  He is going to stay in the spare room here until the new house is ready, and will start paying rent straight away which is great!  It does mean that I have to start reorganising and packing straight away, which is not altogether a bad thing.  It will be good to have stuff boxed up in advance, ready for the move.

Also yesterday, I went to a puppy playdate in North Lakes and there were about fifteen fluffy cavoodles, which was pretty much cuteness overload.  Lily seemed to enjoy herself although after about an hour she started looking at me and grunting as though to say "I'm done now, can we go?" 


That's about it in news.  Oh yes, the bank has approved the loan addition for the driveway and landscaping, so I have to sort that paperwork out, and I have just one payment left to make to the builder.  Or rather, the bank does.  SO CLOSE.

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