Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mango chutney take 1

I am very disappointed in myself.

It is finally mango season, and having found mangoes at a decent price, I got all excited and decided to make mango chutney.  Or, for the Aussies in the audience, spiced mango jam.  Same thing. 


So I did.

And then I left it on the stove and went and did banking comparisons and then thought "MANGO CHUTNEY" and leapt towards the stove... but too late.

I burnt the mango chutney.  I could almost cry.

I transferred it to a different pan - but sadly after I started stirring it - and painstakingly fished all of the burnt bits out.  Unfortunately I think it does have a burnt tang to it, but I have jarred it and will wait for my taste buds to reset before tasting it again and seeing whether it is salvageable. 

She did not want to pose next to the chutney. She probably knew it was burnt.

Very, very sad.

So much for multi-tasking.

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