Monday, November 28, 2016

The year of the beach

It's definitely the year of the beach, and I'm loving it.  Lily seems to love it too! 

I made a sand crocodile, with Lily in the photo for size.  Amanda made a turtle.

Lily found a cuttlefish bone and it gave her a couple of hours of entertainment.  Unfortunately there were too many bluebottles (jellyfish) washed up on the sand for us to risk swimming, but we still had fun playing in the sand!  

Bluebottles give a very nasty sting which isn't fatal but causes a lot of pain! I've never been stung by one but want to keep it that way.

There were hundreds of tiny sea dragons on the sand also.  We didn't know if these were dangerous so just stayed away from them.  They were about an inch in diameter.

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  1. The start of your post made me envious but by the time I'd got to the end I reckon I'm safer in Ireland!