Monday, November 7, 2016

Medjool Dates

As an experiment I've decided to try to grow a Medjool Date Palm.  I have grown mango saplings before - they were a success, I just never had anywhere to put them - and now this is my new project.

First I soaked the seeds in water for a week, and then wrapped them in damp paper towel and a plastic bag for a couple of weeks.


As you can see, one of the seeds in the middle is just sprouting its first root.  Unfortunately I only thought of taking a picture after planting the first two seeds that had their roots fully germinated.


The two lucky seeds are now in potting compost covered with cling film to hopefully sprout leaves in the coming weeks.  I have two spare pots which will receive the next two seeds to germinate - and the rest will be discarded.

The idea of these palms is purely ornamental: they will go in large ceramic pots down the side of the house and hopefully add a little exotic flair to the block.  I do not expect them to grow into fruitful date palms!

If only the block were big enough for one of my mango trees.


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