Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Another crazy night of storms.  I just got home from the final Young Adults event at church for 2016, and there was a pretty decent lighting show on the way home.  I was under the impression all of the storms were well south of me, so planned to leave my final load of laundry out overnight as I was too lazy to bring it in.  I took Lily out for a quick run about and toilet.m break before bed (amidst the thunder) and on coming back inside, had a look at the radar.  A mess of red moving fast from the west so I dashed back out to rescue the towels and sheets.  The first heavy drops were falling as I finished and within 30 seconds of shutting the door, all hell broke loose.  Wow, that was close.  Storms here are a lot more interesting than back in Ireland, and can be downright scary at times!


It was really hot and humid today, over 30 degrees and apparently tomorrow will be 37.  I had the air con on for the first time downstairs and almost wish I were working so that I didn't have to cope with the heat ! 

Here is last night's lightning, two screenshots from videos taken on my phone. 


Thankfully Lily has been unaffected by storm terror as yet ! 

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