Thursday, November 3, 2016


Today was so much fun on Bribie Island. 

 I invited Gatsby along, both for company for Lily and so that L had a dog to play with, it being a day out for the two of us.  B dropped him off at about 0730 and we headed off just after 0800.  It was cloudy when we left Brisbane, with promises of "partly cloudy" and "26-27 degrees" on the weather apps.  Once we crossed Ningi towards Bribie Island, however, it began to clear up, and as we crossed the bridge that Pa built, the sky was blue and clear.


We headed down to the dog beach by Woorim (I'm not sure of the name, sorry!) as previously, and the dogs were more than glad to get out of the car - Gatsby having decided to sit on top of Lily in the back, despite wearing a seatbelt, and her uttering loud whingey cries for the remainder of the trip.  Just like having children!


The beach was just glorious, with clear turquoise water and gentle waves.  


Lily once again proved to hate the water, although loving to play in the sand, especially with a ball and Gatsby to chase.  I bought her a life jacket, which we tried out, but she was still much more comfortable on dry land.


We spent a couple of hours on the beach, in and out of the water, and walked down to the southern most tip of the island before packing up and heading to Savige's for a fish and chip lunch.  So good.  

We are going to try to make this a regular event.  It was strange driving past Bracken Street without popping in for a cup of tea, but I thought it would be a little weird for L!  Maybe next time - put the kettle on!



  1. Just love these photos! Who did you go with (other than the dogs)? I'm assuming they didn't take the photos of you :P