Monday, November 7, 2016

My little tree and other things

I'm going to miss living here.  Although I am really excited about the new house, it is also bitter sweet.  This little house has been my home, and the park down the street the perfect place for Lily to run around in.  It's quiet, homely and if it weren't for the house, I would stay.  

I found the cutest little white Christmas tree in IKEA and decided to put it up early as I could be moving at the beginning of December.  I found mini baubles at Typo and the Japanese shop Daiso provided me a tiny white train.




Apologies for all of the boxes in the background: the packing has begun.  My new housemate H arrives on Saturday and currently the spare room is storage.  I have lots of boxes from L's house move, and I will be filling the garage so that H has somewhere to sleep.  It will be strange sharing this place: it's my own now, but I guess I'm not really here very much! 

Today is the first truly hot day in Brisbane this year, for me at any rate.  I took Lily for a short walk which was altogether unbearably hot, and am now sitting in front of a fan - and it's only 1000.  Lily has collapsed into a little puddle of fluffiness on the tiles - I think I should clip her as it's due to be 37 degrees on Friday.

The hunt for a second housemate continues.  I met a girl on Sunday who was not an option for me.  She spoke a little like a dead fish, was a smoker, had no job lined up and planned to be 100% at home at least until the end of January.  So... No.  She had me switched off at the word "smoker."

I have a quiet week ahead so far which is good.  Two days off then two reserves then I've days off.  The archery club championship is on this weekend and then L, J and I are going camping for three days!  Hurrah for friends :). I'm so excited.  Oh and tomorrow is the Young Adults Finale at church, last catch up til next year and apparently there are Krispy Kremes involved.

In other news, there were mini cup cakes in work yesterday bearing the company logo.  I'm not sure why they were there, but the one I had was amazing.  If that sort of thing continues, I'll definitely stick around !

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