Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1st, and I haven't even bought an Advent calendar.  It's been that sort of year.  It's hard to feel Christmassy at the minute.  I mean, I even volunteered to work Christmas Day because... well there's no reason to be off, really.  However I have organised a Christmas party on the 23rd to hopefully get a bit more "cheer" into the place, and I am hoping that my friends help me to decorate the new house as soon as I have the keys.  The little white tree here is valiantly trying to remind me of the time of the year, but it's not really working so far.

I had the pre-handover inspection today.  It was a bit of a waste of time.  Amanda went with me, as she is also a perfectionist and I felt she would be very helpful to point out little things!  However, they hadn't done the builders' clean yet, and the painters were only just starting to do the touch-ups so there was just so much to comment on that it was hard to know where to start.  Everything was just small touch ups except for the WC, where they had put entirely the wrong tile on the sink splash back!  However, that shall be fixed, despite the supervisor complaining that he would have to drive the whole way to Rochedale for the tiles.  Sorry mate, but it's written in the contract, so I'm going to get what I paid for! 

He did say that I could go again next week to hopefully do a second pre-handover inspection!

The 13th, aka the Key Date, is drawing ever closer, and I have most things organised now.  Still one blind to purchase - a 2.4 metre media blind which is extravagantly expensive but I can't really see any other option.

And so it goes...

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