Saturday, December 24, 2016


Yesterday was crazy, but awesome !  It's when Christmas came to the House of Kate, and although it wasn't without its moments, all in all it was a wonderful day.  
The table set up... and Lily

We ate far far too much (the bourbon baked ham I made was a definite hit) decorated what seemed like infinite gingerbread houses, opened loads of presents (yay for friends!) and ate yet more.  

Gingerbread houses: mine bottom right with the swimming pool
Lily ran around like a mad thing, usually pursued or pursuing the four year old, and was much more excited about her Christmas treats than her new toy - maybe another day!


I finally kicked everyone out at 2200 so that I could go to bed as today was a long day.  This morning I dropped Lily at the dogsitter's until St Stephen's Day as I'll basically be away 12 hours a day til then, which isn't fair on her.  It's weird to be home alone now... A bit lonely, but it is kinder to her.

I got this photo from the dogsitter:

Which is preeeetttty cute!

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