Saturday, December 3, 2016

Archery 2016

Tonight was the club breakup at Lakeside Bowmen.  I invited a couple of friends along who I'm hoping will get in to shooting.  They seem keen - they just don't have any equipment at the moment.

It was a fun night, despite storms hitting just before I arrived.  We sat in our cars - next to each other - for a few minutes before deciding to brave the craziness and make a mad dash for the club house.  Thankfully I had a towel in my car to wrap around me and Kaitlyn had umbrellas - even so our feet and legs were completely soaked in the mere seconds the dash took!  The thunder and lightning was incredible, and I watched the storm roll through on my weather radar, warning people that there was a second larger storm following the first, so we were able to keep some chairs dry until the second had passed!  

Dinner was roast chicken, pork and ham, salads, followed by dessert - I had cheesecake.  Very satisfying and not a bad deal for $13 a head.  I also bought some raffle tickets but didn't have any luck!  There was no auction this year.

Last year I was annoyed to have received first place in my archery category, being the sole participant, as I saw the trophy as a 'consolation prize'.  As a woman, I want to win just as much as the next person - maybe even more so - but it seems meaningless if my gender means I'm not competing against anyone!

This year, I explained to Those That Are In Charge, that I did not want the ladies' trophy.  I knew that once again I was the only woman qualifying for the award, and requested that I be put in the men's group, even if that meant I won nothing at all.

I ended up getting third place, C grade, which I was very pleased about!  The difference between that and second was just 60 points (out of a possible 2400, I scored 1936).  There are 4 grades, A, B, C and D, with A being the best, and I am very happy with my progress!


I also got the shield for the club championship - Ladies Sighted - and although I don't know if anyone else qualified, I am still happy as it is my personal best for the year - 684 out of 800.  It was slightly confusing to see the winner last year got over 1100, but apparently they changed the format from a 2 day shoot to 1 day.



I also got first place (out of one) for the 3D shoot.  Hurrah... lol.

Anyway all in all it has been a successful year, and I look forward to improving next year - perhaps even with IFAA - and I have just increased the poundage of my bow from 36 to 40 - so that gives me a good reason to practise, as I need to re-sight it.

One of my arrows in the 3D pig.

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  1. I am duly impressed, though don't follow all the archery lingo