Friday, October 14, 2016


What has been happening lately? Well, I went riding in Rockhampton and now I ache everywhere!  At least it was fun :)


I ate bantam eggs for breakfast, that I collected from my friend's shed, so that was cool.  6 eggs, 6 mouthfuls, a lot of peeling effort. 

I came home and went to pick up two little doggies.  Lily was good and Gatsby was trying - I'm now lying in bed really not wanting to get up because as soon as I move he'll think it's playtime again.


Trying to lock him out of the bedroom didn't work: cue scratching manically at the door. Even when locked out with Lily.

He also decided he wanted to sleep ON me, which wasn't going to happen. And then a couple of hours in, at midnight, decided it was playtime again. And again at about four.  Little evil ratbag.  He may or may not have been unceremoniously backhanded at 4 am by a semi-unconscious human. I cannot be held responsible any of my actions when I am asleep. + I didn't hurt him.

We went for a walk (this was before bed obviously) and having been bowled over several times by hyper Gatsby, she decided it was safer between my legs.


So funny.

Soon I will have to get up as I need to straighten the house, get ready for work, feed the dogs, and head off. Yeehah.

Oh yes, and for those who frequent Bribie Island, I flew right past it so I took a photo.  The sun was in the wrong direction so it's not great, but you get the idea.


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