Saturday, October 15, 2016


 We had our last club shoot of 2016 today.  Next month there is the club championship and of course in December there is the break up, but this was the last graded shoot to go towards the end of year results.  Initially I thought I couldn't go, as I lost my membership cards from my quiver - but I turned up anyway and they were happy to accommodate me.  Maybe it was the club shirt.

See?  And I scored 648, I missed three shots on the one arrow range, one due to getting the distance wrong (40m) and the other two because the bow wiggled just as I shot.  If I practised, my arm would be stronger and therefore less prone to wiggle.

After the shoot, I headed to Mango Hill to check out the house.  It's looking better and better every day: only the render, garage door and paint to go on the outside.  They are asking for trouble though as piles of tiles in the garage could easily go missing!  Good thing it's their insurance not mine. 

Inside, tiling in the main areas has begun.  Once again they forgot to lock the back door so I was able to sneak inside: being careful not to step on any tiles in case they were fresh.  The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are all installed too.


Also, I got to meet one set of neighbours.  This is the guy who has been emailing me about fencing: he and his partner moved in a couple of weeks ago.  They said they had seen me around on weekends but hadn't realised that I was Kate - apparently they were expecting an old woman and 'not a teenager'. Haha!  They seemed to be a very nice couple, from the Phillipines, and apparently came to Aus around the same time as I did.  So hopefully we get on very well in the future - I would like some nice and friendly neighbours.

And finally this is just a massive moth that has been in my house for two days.  I'm just letting him live with me and Lily as I'm not really sure what to do with him.  Sometimes he surprises me in the kitchen, and other times he just hangs out on the stairs.


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