Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Spring has officially sprung.


And it matches my converse, and Lily is loving running like a mad thing through the playing fields.  When I got home last night after midnight she was disappointed that I didn't want to play, but she is making up for it now.



I have so many ideas of things to cook, and so few days to cook them.  Yesterday, as afore mentioned, I made red Thai curry.  I ate it in the break room in Emerald and it was delicious (and everyone envied me).  A great meal for trips as once cool the sauce thickens considerably so it's not quite as spillable as some meals.  

Then I'm reading the Whole 30 forum this morning - as you do - and notice Shepherds' Pie.  Why didn't I think of that before?  Seriously !  A mince stew - ok, potato - ok, add it together, yummy!  So maybe that is my next project.  Although, speaking of projects, I have a few coming up.

Today is what they have decided to call a 'blank day', in other words, it's a day off to make me legal, but they don't want to call it a legal day off just in case they want me to work, in which case they would substitute a different day - but nobody chooses to work anyway because you don't get paid extra... It doesn't make much sense.  

I have booked a haircut at lunch time.  Traditionally these take 2-4 hours.  I know, you say, how can a haircut possibly take that long?  They do.  I'm getting my hair re-styled and I've no idea how, but probably shorter, and maybe very much shorter, it all depends what my hair stylist wants to do.  He's just back from the New York fashion show so he should have some cool ideas!  Scary, exciting, I can't wait, and I'm almost giving him free reign this time, except that it must be 'low maintenance' for my laziness and 'natural' for work.  Watch this space.

I also want to clear out my cupboards of any non-healthy foods.  I've decided to keep such staples as pasta and flour as they're always useful, especially when having people over.  For instance I have friends staying over on Friday night, and one is a vegetarian so I am making them pumpkin and pine nut fettuccine, minus the fettuccine as I don't have any, so their choice between spaghetti and spirals!  So there is cream in the fridge which is strictly not-for-me, but everything else there is edible.  I'm not sure whether I should buy them milk.  There's no cereal anyway.

I have found an awesome little fruit and veggie shop in Taigum, that I may have mentioned before, that does way better deals than Coles or Woollies.  Even the staples like onions and carrots come out cheaper, and I can get two kilos of sweet potato for three dollars, etc.  With the amount of fresh stuff I'm absorbing, it's pretty great.

Here's a downside to Whole 30: my bar fridge isn't big enough.  This means that foods such as onions, sweet potato, apples, etc are relagated to sitting on top of the fridge as there really isn't room inside.  It's not particularly hot yet and they don't seem to mind.  I may transfer them to the bottom of the pantry as it gets warmer.


My apologies to all of you who don't read this blog to hear about food: it has given me new enthusiasm, I'm afraid!  Here's a photo of the sunset, the moon and Venus, flying to Emerald last night, to make up for all the cooking.


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  1. Nice pic of the sky 'cept I could hardly make out the moon. As for Spring, it makes me think it would be nice to migrate twice a year to skip winter...