Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Due to multiple roster changes, I am now sitting in Rocky airport waiting to pax back to Brisbane where I get to sit in Brisbane airport for awhile before operating to Bundy.  Yay for disruptions.  It does mean that I'm home tonight instead of in a hotel: but home alone as Lily is with B&B until Friday, and I, not home for long enough to warrant picking her up.  I leave again early tomorrow morning.  At least I get to go to the last Connect of the year tonight.  They are having pizza, which I will have to politely decline.  Thank you, but no thank you very much.

It is just six days until the end of my Whole 30.  I have religiously stuck to approved food, although I haven't been the greatest with my snacks - eating lots of fruit to feed the sugar dragon - so I am now trying to cut this out, and may extend my 30 awhile longer.  Or just go paleo, we shall see.  At least being finished the 30 days means I don't need to be as strict with eating out, etc! 

I currently have the weekend off - we shall see - and I get to have Gatsby after work on Friday and possibly for the night, so that will be fun.  They may both end up having baths.  They may not.  It all depends on my state of mind.  Let's face it, it may just be easier to give the sheets a bath on Saturday.

On Sunday there is a club shoot, which will be my first in months, work permitting.  I went for a quick practise shoot yesterday before work, and yes I am very weak and would like to get a bow hook so that I don't have to carry the bow for both rounds.  Once again, we shall see if I can find one.  So much to wait and see about!

And of course I must make the inevitable trip up to see the house: I am limiting myself to once weekly so that I don't go completely insane.

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