Thursday, September 1, 2016

Random check musings

It's half way through 2016 and the Aussies have just realised that the rest of the world says "tailwind" not "downwind" and that oh, perhaps they should follow suit.  So I have spent a considerable part of the morning amending my Jeppy manuals to change pages that said "downwind".  I also found I had three revisions to do (we get one a month) thanks to a) being lazy and b) being on leave.

Don't worry, to all you pilots out there, I did take the relevant pages out of the revisions when issued and haven't been using expired plates.  So calm your farm, why don't you.  However, today being my line check I figured I should probably process all of the yellow envelopes in my flight bag, which of course brings me to my next issue.

Why, why, why, don't they get it right the first time?  There must be some little man in Airservices whose job is to make AIP amendments, and who says "oh no I wrote 'your' instead of 'you're' and that makes one line into two lines which spreads to a second page so I must re-issue the whole 500 pages of Airport Directory."  Or worse still, decides to change every other page so that instead of replacing a wad, I have to turn page after page after page... *rants*

I swear, they just want to feel validated and therefore not lose their job.  Is it really necessary to change the Sydney 6 Departure to the Sydney 7 and re-issue the plate?  Gah.

I'm now sitting on the couch writing an inane blog post because I'm all ready to go to work, and it's too early, and it's my line check, and I can't go to work even a minute early because that means more time for questions and yet I have to get ready extra early just in case I'm late.  That's how my mind works.  

Lily doesn't appreciate my getting ready to go to work.  I opened the car door to get something out and she slipped into her place in the foot well and refused point blank to get out.  If you're going to work, I'm coming too.  Nice try.

I've been through all the what-ifs for the day.  What if we're overbooked?  What airplane's broken?  What if there's a weird cabin issue that I have to sort out and I don't know what to do?  I'm not sure why it makes a difference today, but someone's watching, so it does.  

In other news, I go to sim on the 8th, which I believe is next week.  I'm going with one of the cadets, and we've booked an Air BnB for the trip.  She found the place, and I booked the hire car, and all in all, the cost of both is less than what the company will pay us for finding 'own accommodation' so that's cool.  I'm actually quite looking forward to it, we've got a cozy little place out in the countryside, and will have the independence of our own transport to explore, and be able to cook our own meals.  So it does rather put a different light on the whole 'going to sim' ordeal.  I'm sure I shall stress anyway 🙄

Well now it actually is time go to work, so TTFN!


  1. So take lots of pics in this pad in NZ pls!

  2. So take lots of pics in this pad in NZ pls!