Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This trip started on a good note.  I checked in to the hotel to find that I had a room with a kitchenette, which meant I could cook my own breakfasts which was great.  

The first morning, after some scrambled eggs and spinach, I went to find Mt Ainslie.  Unfortunately, someone moved it since last time I was here - ok, we changed hotel - so it was a couple of kilometres away.  Not a problem, as I was running to keep warm, although once I got to the base I dropped back to walking. 

The beginning of the trail

From the top, the war memorial

Also from the top, the airport

I did time myself, managing 22:51 on the way up - walking as fast as I could given the gradient - and 10:13 on the way back - as I ran as fast as I could without endangering myself.  The bottom of my knees started hurting on the downhill - I guess I'm not used to running like that.

Once back at the hotel, I managed to get some study in for my up-coming check, and having also arranged the previous night to stay in that room, I went to sort out all of my groceries.  On check out, I confirmed again with the reception that the fridge was full, and left a message for the cleaner. All was well.

The second morning, I got up to find that the cleaners had not replenished the coffee, milk or cleaning supplies (but had removed the old ones) for the kitchenette so I had to go searching.  Also the in room phone was broken so I couldn't call for it!

After sorting all of that out, with checkout not until 1445, I had a lazy morning and then followed the same procedure with reception and the fridge.  Imagine my surprise when I checked back in at 2000 to be given a different room!

I kicked up a stink with the hotel staff: having confirmed with two different people AND left a note I was (and still am) incredulous that they would have just thrown away my stuff.  My FO also lost his groceries the previous day, but not having been so religious about organising it, I had assumed it was his error!

Thankfully, after making enough of a fuss to be noticed, the hotel agreed to give me free room service that night and a breakfast box the next morning: none of which comply with my "healthy eating" regime but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

It is now 20 minutes to check out and I haven't packed yet... So I must go.


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