Thursday, August 25, 2016

The bin man is late this morning.  I've already got up, twice, having decided that the first time was ridiculous, being that it was only 0320.  Three hours later, I got up for good and had to persuade myself that running was a good idea.  This took a few minutes, but finally I was on the road.  I stopped at the 4K mark, having well defeated my Wednesday 4K time, and feeling somewhat limp.  

I walked past the coffee shop, as I always do, wondering whether I could pre pay for coffees as I never have money when I run, and reminding myself that I have some very nice coffee at home.

Now, having had said very nice cup of coffee, the bin man has just been, it's 0745 and usually they come before 6.  So that's weird.  At 0900 I am meeting H for breakfast (so that I can spend $15 for sub-standard eggs that I usually make much better here) and then at lunch time I have to go to work.  

I'm not sure whether I remember how to fly any more.  My roster says CRITICAL!!!  45 DAY EXPIRY!!! MUST FLY!!! With a remarkable number of exclamation marks.  So it is tempting to call in sick and see what domino effect it has on my roster... But being a good citizen, I won't.  Maybe I'll remember how to fly when I get there.  The bonus being that I'm flying with the most know-it-all pilot in the company, so he's sure to be able to tell me how to do it...

Lily still has separation anxiety.  We went over to a friend's house yesterday and she would quite happily snuggle with him, but keeping her eyes fixed firmly on me.  If I got up to go to the bathroom... All hell would break loose.  Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mummy's leaving me forever, etc.  Wow.  And on Sunday I go to Canberra for four days! 

She stole a roll of toilet paper yesterday.  I was just happily being in the bathroom, as you do, I'll spare you any details, and she meandered in, grabbed the toilet roll and walked out.  Thank the Lord for spares.  

In other news, there is no other news.  Oh yes, I'm waiting to hear from the bank, they are very unresonsive, and I have yet another invoice from the builder to process and therefore it is very irritating when the bank won't talk to me.  So, that's another thing I have to chase up today.  
Now I must go and get ready for my Fancy Eggs.


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