Saturday, August 27, 2016

Well, I'm back down in Canberra, and wow is it hard to stick to one's dietary challenge when eating out with other people.  Last night I went out and had a steak with green beans, which seemed like a total rip off.  Tonight, I think everyone wants Chinese, which is going to be even harder unless I can wangle a plain vegetable and meat stirfry !  Oh the life of someone trying to quit sugar !

In good news, the hotel room (new hotel) has a kitchenette, which is something very rare in Aus.  So as I am here for three days I persuaded reception to keep me in the same room and have stocked up the fridge with eggs, spinach, etc so that I can cook my own breakfasts and not pay $15-$20 every morning for the honour.  

If only I had brought my new smoothie maker... Although at that, if only I had brought the contents of all my kitchen cupboards... Or perhaps just stayed at home...

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