Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More stuff

It's been a busy couple of days, and therefore I haven't blogged.  However, Lily decided to wake me up at 0500, so we went for a quick run (only 2k because I'm lazy) and are now waiting for it to be a reasonable time before starting on breakfast.

At lunch, I'm going to Ceri's house, and taking with me a roast chicken.  We were going to have lunch out, but this Whole 30 thing meant I couldn't find anything on the menus to eat !  Last night, at Connect group, I took a bowl of fruit salad with me and so that made not having the cakes and chocolate easier.  Thank God it's only 30 days (day 4 today).

Cravings have been very light so far: mainly because I haven't had any time at home sitting around : the last five days I spent down route in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, with a cheeky Portmacquarie thrown on the end.  The weather has been miserable, with severe icing and turbulence forecasts wherever we flew, low cloud, drizzle and icing speeds making me feel like I was home in Ireland - no diversions, thankfully.  We almost hit 3 cockatoos on take off out of Canberra one morning, which wasn't very Irish: I almost rejected the take off but then they decided to move a little so we continued.  

Sydney, and a little glare from the window

The problem with not comfort eating is that it makes me think more about my emotions instead of just drowning them in chocolate, so that hasn't been easy.  I mean, not craving but feeling a little emotional?  Maybe people should avoid me until this is over ! 

We are horrendously short crewed at the moment, which, without going in to too much detail, has meant a ridiculous amount of disruption, so I'm working day to day expecting things to change.  Thankfully on Tuesday when I was called out to go back to Canberra they gave me three hours' notice to get some food together: and B came by on his way home from work to pick up Lily to take her to her second home in Ferny Grove.

On the house front, Mr Will the Builder Man called again to say he was concerned about the neighbour's house looking identical to mine with bricks and facade: and therefore could he edit the porch a little.  He seems to be very proactive at getting things done and done right : the last request was could he change the style of grouting as my choice wouldn't look as good as his.  I have got one quote for a landscaper and two for the driveway, and am meeting the second landscaper this afternoon.  Busy, busy.

It still looks the same to me

That's about it for the last few days... I'm Northbound tomorrow for another overnight, disruption permitting, so poor Lily only gets one day at home. 

Edit: as I forgot to publish this, here is an updated inside the house picture:


It actually looks almost livable!

Also, the chicken I baked for Ceri and family was amazing.  Pretty happy with that, and Floss put on a really epic salad: I never knew you could use epic as an adjective for salad, but it truly was.

When we got home, Lily had a haircut, (long overdue) and then I went across to a couple's house to see if I wanted their furniture. They are leaving AUS for Ireland, of all places.  I managed to snap up a lovely bed set for the spare room (mum and dad you're all sorted) and potentially dining table , coffee table , etc , but I need to get back to them on that.

And now I have another House Invoice to pay...

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