Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Guest Post

Mummy and Daddy don't love me any more.  I'm pretty sure of this because I haven't seen Mummy in 2 days and Daddy just locked me up without my bed again.  This upsets me because I can see my bed on the other side of the room and he only left me 2 towels and 4 of my toys which isn't OK because I wanted one of the ones he didn't give me.

I'm needy like that.

Also, my favourite toy is an awesome white nylon bone with a tasty jerky filling which if I chew and chew and chew I might manage to get to some time next millenium.  This is another reason I'm sure my parents hate me because they keep taking the bone away from me after I rattle it on the tiles too much.

And then Daddy looks at me like this:

He's a lot taller than me.

I lost my new treat ball under the TV stand yesterday and Mummy didn't get it out before she left to go to work and that was cruel too.  

I like licking toes to say hello, and when Mummy or Daddy let me out of my crate I lie on their feet to say hello.  If they ignore me, I wriggle under their feet so that they HAVE to pat me.

And then Mummy looks at me with a 'OMG how are you so sneaky' face and I just smile back.

Here's another thing.  Mummy gives me a bath ever so often.  I don't really like getting wet but she keeps doing it.  And sometimes she submerges herself in water too!  I'm not sure this is a good idea so I whimper at her a little to make sure she knows that I care, and I make sure I check on her every few minutes.

I'm still not allowed in the bedrooms, but I'm working on it.  I figure if I look pitiful enough maybe one day they'll give in.

It hasn't worked yet.  Mummy just takes photos of me and laughs, and that's not what I meant to happen!

My fur is growing back on my leg where they shaved it , although I still look a little silly.  Mummy says she's going to book me in to get groomed again but she's been very busy.

Apparently Mummy and Daddy are going to build a house next year and I will have a garden to play in!  I am very excited about that, as when I'm outside I go completely crazy and run around like a mad thing.  I am much faster than even Daddy when he sprints, and I love going for runs with Mummy.  She hasn't taken me for awhile because she has shin splints, but she still takes me to the park.

One day I fell in the creek and I got really really wet !  

Mummy says I looked more like a drowned rat than a dog.

Anyway I have to go now, it was nice talking to you all!

Lots of love


(the white bone)


  1. Hey Lily - so you have hacked her google account at last - well done! I hope to hear more from you.

    a true dog lover

  2. this was hilarious, thanks Lily :D