Monday, September 24, 2012

The Best Overnight

Okay, hands down, yesterday was the best overnight ever, even if it was in Rockhampton.  Just to clarify, I hate Rockhampton.  Now that I got that out, I feel a lot better.  However, yesterday was the best overnight ever, and the fact that it was in Rockhampton didn't spoil it one bit.  It involved a pool, beer, a cheap bikini, and a big yellow inflatable plastic ring.

Ang had the bad idea.  Her idea involved a very long hike and a mountain, about 10km from the hotel, which may or may not have involved a taxi, or two.  Allan then decided to make a command decision:

"Right.  We're all four going to climb this mountain, whatever the temperature is going to be.  Captain's decision, and nobody is going to back out."

Right.  Like that's going to happen.

We sat in the taxi to go to the hotel, in the gorgeous 30 degree weather, waiting for Allan to sort out a missing baggage issue, and had a little discussion between ourselves.  He returned, and we broke it to him gently:

"Right.  We've made an executive decision, and we're going to go to Target, buy bikinis and inflatable pool toys, and spend the afternoon in the pool.  You're going to buy the beer."

Much better idea.

So we did.

The End.

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