Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hanging with Lily

The plovers are angry.

Angry that this little grass-eating monster has invaded their space.

And me, of course, they're very upset about me.

It's quite a monster of a small dog that I've got here.  (and a terrible picture of me, but the sun was bright, and Lily is cute)

We're just out at the back of the complex, and like I said, the plovers are going crazy, fake-swooping in our general direction.  

And there's loads of space, so we're happy to share.

I think the small dog would spend the entire afternoon out here if I let her ! 

At the weekend, Kurt and I are going to Caloundra, where we got married, for our wedding anniversary.

Lily is going to stay with Kurt's parents on Bribie Island, which will be nice for her - I'm not sure whether it'll be nice for them...

This lying outside in the sun while the small dog plays is good.  I should do this more often.  (sans plovers). 

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