Sunday, November 29, 2015


After three weeks of getting up early, my body clock is determined to keep it going.  While waking at 5 on holiday isn't ideal, it does give me time to sit alone on the balcony in the still-fresh warmth of the morning and listen to nature undisturbed .  Humans do a good job of adding their noise to the world and even now as I type a car has driven past and spoilt my morning.  How very dare it.

There's a bird's nest perched precariously on a tree outside the apartment window - with absolutely no shelter from the elements, so one wonders what it was thinking.

Having had three very busy weeks at work, I was then rostered six days off, so decided to go away for the weekend with my friend, Hana.  We're up at Noosa, and she's still fast asleep.  Mind you, I think she went to sleep much later than I did, as I fell asleep half-way through Godzilla.

We drove up on Friday and had a gloriously relaxing afternoon by the pool, topped off with takeaway pizza and a movie.  Yesterday we started off nice and early to go to the Noosa farmers' markets, which were small but quite pleasant, and I had a nice breakfast there of fresh crepes.  Hana had some strange unpronounceable cocktail of vegan origins and a vegan protein ball.  I'd choose lemon & sugar crepes any day!

After this, we went to the beach, and being quite a concerned human being, as human beings go, regarding the sun, I sprayed lots and lots of sunscreen (factor 50) on before we left, also ensuring that Hana did the same.  Once at the beach I re-sprayed multiple times - but apparently that was my first mistake- spraying, that is.  So I have some nicely reddened patches which hopefully won't peel, and today will be using proper old fashioned slap on sunscreen.

(making Lily in the sand)

Once thoroughly burnt, we came back to the apartment for lunch and then proceeded to our next event - a 60 minute remedial massage at the Noosa Spa.  It was so good, I wished it would never end!

Today we're starting early - hopefully - if Hana wakes up - and heading off to the beach (with proper sunscreen) to have a final swim before going back to Brisbane at lunch time, after which I'll pop on my uniform and fly off into the sunset...

(staying protected from the sun at the pool)


  1. so nice that you got to relax! I LOVE that last picture of you at the pool - you are gorgeous! xox

  2. Interesting beverages! I'm looking forward to the next time I am rostered 6 days off!