Monday, May 27, 2013

It's very hard to focus on studying, when I am thinking about chocolate, and Top Gun, and what to wear when I'm in Alaska, and why am I studying anyway, when I'm about to go away for 3 weeks, and and and and...

I'm also hungry, and I just had lunch, and Rob doesn't want to play squash because his girlfriend wants him to go see Hangover 3, so I'm sitting here with a notepad and the Fuel Planning section of the most boring manual in the world, and watching the Vicar of Dibley on youtube and occasionally glancing at Facebook to see whether there's anyone to chat to.  Go get 'em, you naughty preposition.

I've just had an internal job interview for the role of emergency procedures instructor, which I don't really want, because EPs are incredibly boring, and I only really applied for because I was bored and didn't know what else to do with my spare time.  Of course this meant that I felt free to tell them that I found the course demoralising, as it was death by powerpoint and engineered specifically for cabin crew so wasn't relevant for the pilot body at all.  This means that if I do get the job, they must be desperate, either that, or they appreciate my honesty, and they're an airline, so they won't appreciate my honesty.  Oh yeah, and I also told them that I didn't know why CASA insisted that we do the course, and I didn't know where CASA wrote the information - some CAO (Civil Aviation Order) somewhere?

Good luck to me.

Are you still reading?  Yes?  Well, you're a braver person (gender neutral, politically correct) than me.  I would have stopped by now.  I would be even more bored than I was when I was reading Chapter 6: Fuel Planning, and have probably stabbed myself in the face with a plastic spoon.

That reminds me, I'm hungry.

I shouldn't be, though, because I just ate lunch.  Left-over Chinese takeaway from last night, which really wasn't nice last night, and didn't improve with time.  Australian Chinese takeaway is a lot different than Irish Chinese takeaway, and, of course, neither is actually Chinese.  The Chinese probably just want someone to take it away...

It rained today.  There was a rainbow.  In fact, there were two rainbows.  I woke up early, and usually I don't bother opening my blinds because then I have to close them again in the evening, and instead of 2 actions, it's easier to do none, but today I did.  And there was a rainbow.  It was a full rainbow, and extremely bright, so I jumped up and went through to the living room where my illustrious housemate was having breakfast, and told her, thinking perhaps she would be interested to see something so beautiful.  I think her words were "that's nice" or something similar.  Predictable, anyway.

Did you know that an Irish ATR 72-500 can only travel 188nm in one hour with only one engine operative, and an Australian ATR 72-500 can travel a whole 201nm?

And what AM I going to wear while I'm in Alaska?

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