Thursday, May 15, 2014

The garden take 2

It's definitely not cared for as much, this second garden of mine.  If it's lucky, it gets weeded every few weeks, and my housemate is pretty good at watering it for me. I transplanted the raspberries to spread them out a bit as they were all growing out of the one spot and they're looking a little worse for wear - but it is only 1 day in so hopefully they will pick themselves up over the next week or so.

I have repotted the mangoes now, having reduced their numbers to four, which is double what I planned to start with, but Kurt in some unusual lapse of judgement agreed to allow four on the balcony so... four it is.  Two are Summer Pride and two are Mareeba Pride but I'm not actually sure which any more... which is a little sad.

The tomatoes grown from the seeds of an old tomato plant are going crazy.  I didn't have the heart to kill any of them so they are rather over crowded but we will just see how that goes.  One or two are starting to flower (they are cherries).

The second round of sunflowers have ended up less than half the height of the originals - which towered over the top of the fence.  However it is a lot cooler at this time of the year (going in to winter) so I'm not really surprised.  They're still pretty, and the added bonus is that they don't need staking!

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