Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's my third winter in Oz.  Actually it is still autumn, but the last couple of days have felt very wintery with winds off Antarctica, or something like that.  Yesterday I saw a woman walking her dog (surprise) and she was all wrapped up with woolly gloves, scarf... it was about seventeen degrees so it could have been a little extreme.

The night before last it dropped to just six degrees!  That was a shock to the system as I found myself having to get up to find my winter blankets for my bed - I didn't expect to be at that stage this early in the winter.  Having now run out of every blanket option that I own... it better not get any cooler!

Did I mention that I cycled 60km all at once last weekend?  Well by "all at once" I mean 30km there, pause for breakfast, and then 30km back.  It was fun, and hopefully we can go again this weekend... but other activities might get in the way, such as archery, which K has been looking forward to for months.  When he called to try to find a booking last year, they said there was a one year waiting list!  But they emailed a week or two ago to say they had a cancellation, and would we be interested?

We also have an engagement party with K's family on Saturday.  Did I mention that cycling may not happen? 

And I've got a sore throat so I'm drinking hot chocolate for breakfast.  Because I know that chocolate and sugar will make me better.  So there.  If I had icecream, I'd probably eat that too. 

We are so awesome as far as wedding planning is concerned, we have way too much time between now and August, there really isn't very much left to do!  We have to sort out wedding invitations and that's pretty much it for now.  Everything else will all come together over the next three months, and hey presto, August 22! 

More excited than anything at this precise moment in time, although I do yoyo between daunted, excited, freaked out, relaxed and stressed...


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