Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My bike is.

After a week of broken bikeness and wrong parts and Easter Weekends when nothing happens, my bike is.

And yesterday, I went for my first ride.

Of course, first I apparently had to buy some "knicks" which are like spandex or lycra or something (is it the same thing?) with a padded bit to sit on the saddle.  We cycled for 6 kilometers and the rearness of me is already sore, despite the paddedness of the knicks, so imagine what it would be like without them? 

When I bought this bike, which was online because bike stores are so much more expensive, (as in, bike store, 26% "friends" discount was still four hundred dollars more expensive than the online one) I expected to be able to get it, and go riding.  I didn't care about special clothes, or helmets (I had a cheap pink one from Ireland) and I was like yay, let's go riding.

Except that then the bike arrived broken (someone stuck a fork lift through the box and scraped it) so we had to wait for a replacement part, and then the replacement part came and it wasn't quite right, so we had to wait for another replacement part, which is when the long weekend got in the way.  And in the meantime, I bought water bottles and another helmet because it matched my bike, which is the best reason to buy something.

And then having finally gotten the bike back together again discovered how uncomfortable the saddle was and had to buy some knicks... I am now determined to ride it with a normal t-shirt or sports shirt and not get a jersey straight away!  Otherwise I shall look truly bikeish and that would just be sad.

Dad, get some knicks.  They do feel better even if they look silly. 

Aaaanyway, maybe today I'll get a picture of me with my bike for the Purposes of This Blog.

We rode down to the Criterion Track, which is a proper bike track for people to cycle on.  I don't know why they want to do that, but they do. 

And Kurt wants to go for a 40k cycle on North Stradbrook (an island) on Saturday and I think it might kill me.  I don't want to diiiieeee..... *faints*


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